CATEM opens offices in Washington to facilitate orderly labor migration

Last night, in Washington, the Autonomous Confederation of Workers and Employees of Mexico (CATEM), opened its offices in the US capital.

It is the first labor union to be installed in the United Statesaccording to the T-MEC and prior to the visit of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to the American Union.

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In the presence of the Mexican ambassador to the United States, Esteban Moctezuma Barragán, the general secretary of CATEM, Pedro Haces Barba, stated that the opening of these facilities It is to promote compliance with Chapter 23 of the T-MECin coordination with the Secretaries of Labor, Economy and Foreign Affairs.

They are expected to serve as a meeting point for businessmen from Mexico, the United States and Canada. for the benefit of Mexican workerss and make North America the region with the most potential in the world.

In short, CATEM in Washington will be a key piece in the collaboration with union organizations in the United States.

“Today at CATEM we are more than 1,180 affiliated unions with representation in the 32 states of the Republic. And we set the pace for Mexican trade unionism at the international level”, he stated.

“Recently we participated in the most important forums such as the Conference of the International Labor Organization (ILO) where we held meetings with world leaders such as Sharan Burrow, of the International Trade Union Confederation and Lech Walesa, Nobel Peace Prize winner and former president of Poland, with whom we share experiences and objectives”.

Facilities will be for migrant workers or residents

For his part, Ambassador Moctezuma Barragán highlighted the initiative of Pedro Haces to install these offices in support of Mexican workers, whether they are migrants or residents.

He recalled that the government of President López Obrador “has been concerned since its inception in support of Mexican workers through the signing of the T-MEC.”

He said that in the United States there is a labor force of 35 million Mexicans who live and work in this country.

The office is located at 400-444 North Capital St. NW in the US capital, this is Washington DC 20001, where all co-nationals will be assisted in matters of labor rights, as part of the cooperation between both nations.

“The talent and quality of Mexican work will be promoted, given the need for qualified labor in the United States,” said Haces Barba.

“We will be a facilitator to have a labor migration to what is stipulated by the Customs and Border Protection Service, the Immigration and Citizenship Service of the United States and in alliance with the employers of the American Union, for the benefit of productivity and to avoid all the risks of irregular migration,” he specified.

At the opening of these offices were Samantha Tate, in charge of monitoring and implementing the T-MEC, in the US Department of Labor; Yanira Merino, national president of the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, which represents Latinos within the AFL-CIO.

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Also Sergio Gómez Lora, representative of the Business Coordinating Council, in Washington, DC, among other Mexican businessmen and representatives of CATEM in the States of the Republic.

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CATEM opens offices in Washington to facilitate orderly labor migration