Chalino Sánchez: Who kept the royalties from “El rey del corrido”?

He didn’t have a prodigious voice or a pen worthy of a Nobel Prize; However, the songs of Chalino Sánchez have made a deep impression on the public that dedicates a couple of minutes every day to honor his memory through their cassettes, records or even through digital platforms.

On Spotify alone, the song Nieves de Enero has more than 117 billion 353 thousand views, while on YouTube a video of the singer’s last performance performing this song reaches 184 million 735 thousand views by Internet users.

Perhaps because of the fear of being killed, in what would be his last days, the singer made the decision to approach his family and leave something for them, since he considered that Marisela Vallejos and her children, Cynthia and Adán should have their own heritage.

Chalino Sánchez, this is the success of the “King of the corrido” that he could NEVER enjoy

road to success

While the singer’s career was on the rise after it ended in a shootout with a fan on January 24, 1992, he became more active than he was.

For this reason, he agreed to do a small tour in Sinaloa together with his group Los Amables del Norte. The first and last date that the singer could give was May 16, 1992, since he was murdered at dawn.

Despite the fact that he had been warned not to appear in the Bugambilias room, the place of this show, a large sum of money was what prompted the singer to get on stage.

Before this, the interpreter of “Alma enamorada” seems to have anticipated his death, since Musart sold all his compositions for the sum of 226 thousand dollars, with which he ceded his future royalties.

With the money, the composer bought a house in Los Angeles California, which he gave to his wife so that she and her children would have a place to live without any problems.

When he died, the fame of the interpreter increased, which left a significant profit to the label. During his lifetime, “El Rey del corrido” never had a fortune like that of other artists, although the sale of his music did allow him to have a comfortable life.

The singer who made “Nieves de Enero” known, but nobody remembers why Chalino Sánchez took the spotlight

inherited the talent

Adán Sánchez, at the age of 10, released his first album called “I am the son of Chalino“, which became popular in California, United States, where he lived.

Since 2004 he obtained his first total ticket sales in a show, so he decided to travel to Sinaloa to make a name for himself in the area that fired his father for the last time.

On March 27, while traveling in a van, the young man had an accident along with his manager, one of his friends and the driver. During the transfer, the vehicle overturned, which caused the death of the young man, who was not wearing a seat belt.

At that time, Adam was 19 years old. Although there were rumors that he, like his father, had been murdered; However, shortly after it was learned that everything was due to an accident.

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Chalino Sánchez: Who kept the royalties from “El rey del corrido”?