Congreso Futuro 2023 joins forces with Metro to install artistic interventions in transportation

Between January 16 and 21, a new face-to-face version of the Future Congress 2023 (CF) will be held in the country after two years of pandemic, the largest free platform for the exchange of ideas and thought in Latin America. On this occasion the event also lands in the Metro de Santiago de Chile, to develop artistic and knowledge interventions that will take over the facilities of one of the main public transport networks in Chile.

The objective is to disturb with ideas and reflections the more than 2 million users who transit the Metro dailyan institution that will dress four stations on Line 1; it will have informative stands related to the event; will distribute Bip-branded cards; informative screens and it will house an interactive Module where passers-by will be able to experience the Metaverse through virtual reality lenses.

“Congreso Futuro seeks to establish alliances with different public and private institutions, research centers, universities, the State and a long etcetera, because we need to occupy social spaces. Partnering with Metro is very important for our outreach work, since millions of people travel here, women, men, girls and boys, with whom we need to talk. Both institutions pursue the same objectives and we want to invite, on this occasion, the inhabitants of the city live an experience that allows them to know and get closer to the Metaverse”, pointed out the Vice President of the Encuentros del Futuro Foundation, Guido Girardi.

“For Metro it is very important to be part of this alliance because we can bring people closer to knowledge, innovation and invite them to take a journey towards an ever closer future. Along with it, Instances like these allow us to reinforce our commitment to create spaces for the entire community in our stations and that at the same time add value to the trips of our passengers,” said the president of Metro, Guillermo Muñoz.

Urban interventions one meter from you

Among the interventions that seek to highlight the return to the presence of Congreso Futuro after two years of pandemic, is the positioning and graphic dress from Baquedano, Pedro de Valdivia, Los Leones and Tobalaba stations. Spaces that will have information replicating volunteers. In parallel, at the Baquedano station the activation will be available “Metaverse Experience Modules”, where with Oculus (virtual reality glasses) users will be able to connect and explore the Metaverse. These will be guided by activators, who will explain how this virtual world works and will also provide all the information about the event.

At the same time, 10,000 Bip cards with CF graphics will be available to purchase at the ticket offices of the aforementioned stations.

“The role of Congreso Futuro is to bring knowledge closer to people. All the activities we carry out have a characteristic hallmark, which is the dissemination of knowledge from specialists who know how to explain their work to people and citizens, and getting closer to Metro is precisely a strategy so that audiences can experiment with the ideas that come in a near future and are determining our present”, explained Daniel Fernández, President of the Encuentros del Futuro Foundation.

The Metro TV screens will also be key in the weeks leading up to the event, as they will be handing out information to passersby. In addition, there will be a space to show live and direct what will be happening at Teatro Oriente during the week of the Future Congress.


Lastly, they consider surprise activities and two live talks at Baquedano stationwhere national and international exhibitors will give free conferences to those interested.

“From the Ministry of Science we celebrate that knowledge takes the public space. Today we see that thanks to the alliance between Congreso Futuro and Metro, hundreds of people will have easier access to this dissemination event that has positioned itself as the most relevant in Chile and one of the most renowned worldwide, all thanks to the intense work of the teams that have made it possible, the collaboration networks that it has been able to build and the contributions, both public and private”, indicated the Minister of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation of Chile, Silvia Díaz.

Remember that tickets are still available for those who wish to attend the event in person through the Punto Ticket system. You must enter and select which day and which talks they wish to attend. In Santiago, the face-to-face event will be between January 16 and 21 at the Teatro Oriente, located at Pedro de Valdivia #99, Providencia.

in turn the event will be broadcast entirely via streaming in the original language and will be translated simultaneously, through artificial intelligence, for those who require it. This will be housed in and the organization’s social networks: Facebook; Twitter; instagram; YouTube @congresofuturo.

will be more than 120 national and international exhibitors who will be present for the first time in the 16 regions of the country and together with 20 thematic areas, 6 days and activities will give life to the twelfth version of one of the four most important platforms for the exchange of ideas and thought in the world, which is organized by the Challenges of the Future Commission of the Chilean Senate and Fundación Encuentros of the Future (FEF).

Among the prominent speakers is the participation of the founder of modern linguistics, Noam Chomsky who invites us to question the role of science as an answer to all our problems; the Nobel Peace Prize and World Food Prize 2020, Rattan Lal who will speak about the challenges of responsible agriculture with the environment; bioethics specialist in technology and virtual health, Jodi Halpern; the American sociologist and specialist in the digital revolution, Shoshana Zuboff; the visionary of Artificial Intelligence applied in forensic analysis, rita singh; computer scientist and philosopher yuk huithe academic and physician, Victor Montori; doctor of philosophy Francisco Martorell; marine biologist and National Geographic documentary writer, Sylvia Earle and transgender activist and the Hasidic community’s first openly trans woman, Abby Stein.

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Congreso Futuro 2023 joins forces with Metro to install artistic interventions in transportation