Conquer the Everest that we carry inside

The photographs published on social networks showing the beauty of the place where the now famous mountaineer arrived unleashed the imagination: I suppose the surprise and admiration of Alfa Karina Arrué when she saw the beautiful landscape upon reaching the highest point on the planet (8,849 meters above the sea level).

Following the mountaineer’s deed through the exotic places she traveled in the open air during the months that the path and preparation for the Roof of the World lasted, I remembered the statement of the Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky in his novel “The Idiot”: “Beauty will save the world…”

The shock that beauty generates in the human spirit is an overwhelming experience that opens the human person to hope. The philosopher and anthropologist Dr. Blanca Castilla de Cortázar explains it: “Beauty is captured in experience, in an encounter that is sometimes unexpected with reality, especially if it is a person. And in said experience, after astonishment, admiration arises.” , the first emotion, the beginning of knowledge and love… The admired emotion is not something lost. No, it remains alive in each heart and can awaken at any moment. Always new capacity, which is reborn in each birth. With beauty and depth affirms Hannah Arendt that each person is someone new and every time one is born, something unprecedented appears in the world, someone who was not there before and who will not be there again, a freedom that bursts forth, even capable of changing the course of history (Arendt , 1993 p. 200-202).The radically new, each person, is always a source of hope, potentially a possible integrator of the Augustinian team of all times, ‘tireless seekers of love, truth and beauty'” ( Pontifical Cons ejo for Culture, 2006).

“Beauty becomes, we have said, not only with being but also with truth and goodness. But, in addition, when capturing beauty, intelligence and freedom come together and together the heart is moved, reaching the unity of each human being … The mystery of beauty! Until truth and good have become beauty, truth and good seem to remain somehow foreign to man, imposed on him from outside. Man clings to them , but he does not possess them; they demand of him an obedience that, in a certain way, mortifies him (Turoldo, 1988).These words that are nuanced… express in some way that beauty confirms and reinforces that truth and good are not something extrinsic to man, but, residing in human intimacy, they move him from within” (ibid.).

Professor Castilla de Cortázar refers to the power of beauty to revive hope by commenting on what the writer and dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn said in accepting a prestigious international award. Let us remember that this Russian citizen, who was unjustly imprisoned for being critical of the Soviet socialist regime, made known the GULAG in its cruel facet of a system of concentration camps and forced labor because he was unjustly imprisoned from 1945 to 1956 in the former Soviet Union.

At the delivery of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Solzhenitsyn shared the following: “The ancient triple unity of truth, good and beauty (he affirms) is not simply an outdated parade formula (…). Yes, as the Wise men, the tops of these three trees are united, while the branches of Truth and Good that are too early and without defenses are crushed, broken and do not reach maturity, it can happen that, strange, unforeseen, unexpected, the branches of Beauty will grow and spread in that same place, and it will be they who, in this way, will carry out the work of the three”. (Solzhenitsyn, 1981, p. 9).

Let’s conquer the top of our hearts looking for the hidden beauty behind each event, be it apparently happy or unhappy… to find true happiness, from here and then in heaven.







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Conquer the Everest that we carry inside