‘Constantes y Vitales’ premieres ‘Make a wish’, its first short film to demand greater public investment in cities

On Tuesday night, the Madrid Press Palace hosted the premiere of ‘Make a Wish’, the first short film from ‘Constantes y Vitales’, laSexta’s Corporate Responsibility action, together with the AXA Foundation, with which it seeks to give one more step in its ‘Objective 2%’ to demand a State Pact between all the political parties that allows us to urgently approve raising the investment in R&D of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to that percentage and thus equate us to the average European.

The premier was backed by the Minister of Science and Innovation, Diana Morant, who, in her subsequent speech during the ‘Constant and Vital Conversations”, assured that “right now we are in a good moment for science thanks to that recipe of facing the crisis through investments. Thanks to European funds, we are handling the highest budget, but this cannot end and we are going to shield it by law”. Morant was “profoundly grateful as a minister” for what ‘Constantes y Vitales’ “have done and are doing: you have brought science closer to citizens than ever before in history.

You began to stir consciences and that has led us to apply recipes. The recipe cannot be cuts, it must be more investment in science”. “The diagnosis -continued the minister- is drawn by the short film ‘Make a wish’: this country has a historical debt with science and it saves itself first by taking care of scientists”. The minister also pointed out that “the science of Spain is Spain’s trademark, we do good science, our scientists are very good scientists and that is above the system.

Our scientists do not fail”, for which he added that “the system can be improved, there is a very high degree of awareness of failures, but we also have to appeal to the private system because together we will be unstoppable, as the pandemic has shown and, thirdly, , allow me to defend politics, the most valuable instrument to change people’s lives”. In addition to the minister, the big screen premiere of ‘Make a wish’ was backed by the general director of Atresmedia TV, Javier Bardají, the president of the AXA Foundation, Olga Sánchez, the corporate general director of Atresmedia, Patricia Pérez, the General Director of the AXA Foundation, Josep Alfonso, together with the short film team and Mamen Mendizábal, ambassador of ‘Constantes y Vitales’.

Invest and transmit science to save lives

Bardají pointed out that “at Atresmedia we are convinced that, due to our activity as a communication group, we must and can be a driving force for changes and that these have a real impact in the short term”. For this reason, he added: “a year after we launched ‘Objective 2%’, we are asking for something as revolutionary and at the same time as simple as our parties agreeing to raise the percentage in science, something that in countries of our environment is already a habitual practice” and “we are not going to stop in our
commitment,” he remarked.

In this regard, he added that ‘Make a wish’, “a short film that will surely touch your heart, will help us convey to our politicians how important it is to invest
in science to be able to continue saving lives and we are going to make it viral by land, sea and air”. “The quality and vision of a country are measured by many standards, the commitment to science is one of them”, stressed the general director of Atresmedia TV, who added that, with ‘Constantes y Vitales’, “we wanted to bring science and research to all citizens, give them prestige. ‘Target 2%’ is a movement to show what a group of people can do, an inspiring movement.

Behind those signatures is that inspiration and that desire to change”. “Today we are going to see what is really our wish, that the European funds should not be a mirage, they should be a structural growth in investment”, he concluded. Olga Sánchez, president of the AXA Foundation, began her words by assuring that “without science there is no future”, as she did on December 16 at the 7th Constantes y Vitales Awards ceremony, because “this phrase that you pronounced, Mamen ( Mendizábal), in 2014 with the launch of Constantes y Vitales, is one of the great messages conveyed by this short film ‘Pide un Deseo’”.

For this reason, he added that “it is essential that governments invest in Science so that our researchers and doctors can discover new treatments that increase the hope of survival for cancer, in particular, and for other diseases, in general. Hopefully, as the most optimistic point out, cancer ends up being a chronic disease”.

“From Constantes y Vitales we will continue to promote the ‘2% Objective’”, assured Sánchez. An initiative that, “thanks to the sensitivity, talent and generosity” of the director of ‘Make a Wish’, Nacho de Miguel, and his entire team, “is gaining strong momentum today because it allows us to show society the importance of investing in science through everyday situations, with which we all feel identified”, he said, before saying goodbye “making a wish”: “I hope that together we can win the battle against cancer”.

After the premiere, a new edition of the ‘Conversations Constantes y Vitales’ was held, moderated by Mamen Mendizábal under the title “Objective 2%: The importance of investment in science” and aimed precisely at raising awareness of the need and urgency of increase public investment in science. This colloquium also included the participation of the Minister Diana Morant, together with the members of the Committee of Experts of Constantes y Vitales Ángela Nieto, National Research Award 2020, Jesús García Foncillas, director of the Oncology Institute and Ramón Reyes, president of the Association Spanish Against Cancer, in addition to Nacho de Antonio, director and screenwriter of ‘Make a wish’.

Make a wish…

Through a true story for many people, ‘Make a wish’ highlights the need to invest in science as a way to progress and as a preventive measure to achieve effective treatments, as the Corporate Responsibility action of Atresmedia Televisión has been calling for Together with the AXA Foundation since October 2020 with ‘Objetivo 2%’, its ambitious campaign to collect signatures that already has the support of nearly one million people.

Directed by Nacho de Antonio, who also wrote the script, Luisa Gavasa, winner of the Goya Award for Best Supporting Actress for ‘The Bride’, Miguel Lago Casal, Laura Barba and Paco Hidalgo among its performers. Mario Santos, Mario Alberto Díez, Pilar Pintre and Javi Romel complete the cast. The production has the collaboration of the National Cancer Research Center (CNIO), which has provided its facilities for filming.

‘Make a Wish’, which also premiered this Tuesday after its cinema screening on laSexta, can be seen openly on ATRESplayer and on the ‘Constantes y Vitales’ website, and will have an impact on their official profiles on social networks. The story of ‘Make a wish’ is the voice of all those people who dreamed that their wish would come true at the worst moment of their lives: in the midst of political and economic uncertainty, Alberto (played by Miguel Lago Casal) , a 44-year-old taxi driver, is diagnosed with bladder cancer.

The news about the cuts in health and research, the lack of understanding between the different parties and the consequent brain drain, which until then were for him mere letters on the pages of any newspaper, are now presented to him as enormous walls of concrete in the middle of the race against time that lies ahead. After a first failed treatment, he goes in search of Isabel (Luisa Gavasa), a researcher whom he met one day during
one of his journeys.

More than 7 years of commitment to science, health and research

Atresmedia Televisión accompanies society by celebrating everything that makes us great as a country. Through the claim ‘the television of a great country’, it demonstrates its identification with society and its involvement and commitment when it comes to detecting its problems, and acting to solve them. With Constantes y Vitales, as in all its Corporate Responsibility initiatives (‘Ponle Freno’, ‘Raise the Head’, ‘Against abuse, zero tolerance’, Hazte Eco’, ‘Objetivo Bienestar’ and ‘Crea Cultura’), it seeks proximity, inspiration and promoting real changes that generate positive and tangible results for citizens.

Launched in October 2014, as soon as laSexta joined the Atresmedia Group, in its more than seven years of intense journey, Constantes y Vitales (@constanteyvital) has achieved great milestones, many of them also achieved thanks to the support and encouragement of the society. Among them are the aforementioned ambitious collection of signatures ‘Objective 2%’, promoted so that GDP investment rises in our country and which is now reinforced with ‘Make a wish’.

To date, it has obtained more than 975,000 signatures, many of them already delivered to the Ministry of Science and Innovation and which continues to be active and open so that supporters continue to add until this political commitment is made. Also the creation of the State Research Agency (AEI), the installation of
defibrillators, which had the support of more than 120,000 people, the publication of the first database of Spanish women researchers with more than 3,000 records, its recent awareness campaigns for Mental Health, the direct allocation of 600,000 euros to guarantee the continuity of different investigations of young scientific talents through the Constantes y Vitales Awards or the creation of the ‘Present and Future of Cancer Research’ Event, which has had the Nobel Prize winners in Medicine, Harald zur Hausen and Elizabeth Blackburn in their two editions held.

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‘Constantes y Vitales’ premieres ‘Make a wish’, its first short film to demand greater public investment in cities