December: 10 curiosities of this month

December it is the twelfth month of the year, making it the last. It has 31 days and its name comes from the tenth month of the Roman calendar, which was attributed to Romulus.

Julius Caesar, who was governor of ancient Rome in the first century BC, named March after the arrival of spring. At that time, this was considered the first month and when counting the months that separated March from December, ten were counted. Then they put “decem” which means ten.

December: 10 curiosities of this month

This is the month of ChristmasY New Years Eve. For the church it is considered the month of Jesu s’ birth, although theologians and historians say otherwise.

Many things are celebrated in December, in fact, today is the world day of the fight against AIDS, as is the abolition of Slavery, which is the 2nd. In addition, the 3rd is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, among others. .

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December curiosities

  • In this month is celebrated the conquest of human rightswhich is the 10th, because the last Universal Charter of Human Rights was signed on this date.
  • This month the day more money is withdrawn this taking into account all the purchases and loans that are taken.
  • is the month with fewer daylight hours of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and with more hours in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • This month’s flower poinsettia or the Narcissus, this has more than 150 variants and is considered a symbol of eternal love. So without a doubt you already know which flower to give.
  • We continue with the fifth curiosity, which is that the first Nobel Prize was awarded in December 1901. The Nobel Prizes Today they carry the most outstanding recognition to which a professional in the sciences, letters or those who have worked for the peace of nations can aspire. This year it will be on December 10.
  • On the 25th before, they used to celebrate and pay tribute to the gods, even the Romans celebrated the day of birth of the sun in this date. But now for the church it is considered the day of Jesus birth.
  • The songs, more popular are Silent Night which has some 733 versions all over the world. In addition to Jingle Bells, which despite the fact that it is believed to celebrate this date, is really to celebrate Thanskgiving.
  • The month closes in a curious way since the 30th is the International Bacon Daythis is a gastronomic delight, it is a mouthful full of cholesterol, but with flavor.
  • Santa Claus or Father Christmas He is a recognized figure for this month, he has been around for a long time, we all know him as a chubby bearded man in a red suit, but he has not always been as we know him today, according to the book ‘One night stands with American History”, Santa Claus did not always have a beard. It was the artist and cartoonist Thomas Nast who added the beard to the character in the pages of ‘Harper’s Weekly’ during the latter part of the 19th century.
  • To culminate with the curiosities, this month has the shortest day of the year that is the 21st, this is because the winter solstice 2022-2023 the Northern Hemisphere of the planet will take place that day at 10:47 p.m.

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December: 10 curiosities of this month