December 10th anniversary: ​​What happened on a day like today

On another December 10, but 1948, the UN General Assembly approved the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Paris.


1710.- War of Spanish succession: The Bourbon aspirant, the French Felipe de Anjou (future Felipe V) secures the throne of Spain after the defeat of the Austrian suitor (Archduke Carlos) in the Battle of Villaviciosa (Guadalajara).

1848.- The future Napoleon III, elected by majority in the elections for president of the French Republic.

1860.- For the first time in history, women vote; occurs in the US state of Wyoming.

1893.- The Nicaraguan Assembly promulgates a Constitution with broad liberal concessions.

1898.- End of the Spanish-American War: Spain signs with the United States the Treaty of Paris by which it renounces its sovereignty over Cuba, the Philippines, Puerto Rico and Guam.

1901.- First meeting of the commissions in charge of awarding the Nobel Prize that agree to award it annually on this date.

1903.- Pierre and Marie Curie and Henri Becquerel, win the Nobel Prize in Physics for their studies on radioactivity.

1906.- Roosevelt, Nobel Peace Prize. Ramón y Cajal, Nobel Prize in Medicine shared with Camillo Golgi.

1911.- Marie Curie receives her second Nobel Prize, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her discovery of radium.

1922.- Albert Einstein receives the Nobel Prize in Physics for his advances in quantum theory, not for the theory of Relativity.

1936.- Edward VIII of England writes and signs his abdication of the British throne to marry Wallis Simpson. His reign lasted 327 days. The shortest of all those ever.

1941.- World War II: The Japanese Navy sinks the English battleships “Prince of Wales” and “Repulse”.


1957.- Albert Camus, wins the Nobel Prize for Literature.

1959.- Severo Ochoa, Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology with his American disciple Arthur Kornberg.

1964.- Martin Luther King receives the Nobel Peace Prize and ensures that every penny of the $ 54,000 award will be used for the civil rights movement.

1966.- The album “Got live if you wanted!” By The Rolling Stones is released for the USA only.

1967.- The Guatemalan Miguel Ángel Asturias, Nobel Prize for Literature.

1971.- Chilean Pablo Neruda receives the Nobel Prize for Literature.

1980.- The Argentine architect Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Nobel Peace Prize.

1981.- NATO countries sign Spain’s accession protocol in Brussels.

1982.- Gabriel García Márquez receives the Nobel Prize for Literature.

1983.- Raúl Alfonsín assumes the presidency of Argentina.

.- The Polish leader Lech Walesa receives the Nobel Peace Prize that his wife collects.

1986.- A group of American astronomers discover seven new galaxies.

1990.- Mexican Octavio Paz receives the Nobel Prize for Literature.

1993.- Former South African presidents Nelson Mandela and Frederick De Klerk receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

.- DOOM is launched, one of the most influential computer games in the FPS genre.

1998.- The Spanish judge Baltasar Garzón prosecutes the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet for the crimes of genocide, terrorism and torture.

1999.- The Peronist Carlos Menem transfers the presidency to Fernando de la Rúa, from the center left.

2007.- Cristina Fernández takes over from her husband, Nestor Kirchner, in the Presidency of Argentina.

2008.- General strike in Greece called by the unions in a civil conflict that lasted fifteen days.

2010.- Mario Vargas Llosa receives the Nobel Prize for Literature.

The Chinese authorities deny the imprisoned Chinese activist Liu Xiaobo from traveling to collect the Nobel Peace Prize.

2013.- More than 90,000 people attend the funeral of the former president of South Africa Nelson Mandela in Soweto, an act in which the president of the United States, Barack Obama, and that of Cuba, and Raúl Castro, greet each other.

2015.- Mauricio Macri is sworn in as president of Argentina.

2019.- The Peronist Alberto Fernández assumes the presidency of Argentina.

.- Sanna Marin, 34, is elected Prime Minister of Finland, becoming the youngest president in the world.

2020.- Airbnb debuts on Wall Street.

.- A museum dedicated to the 17 Latin American Nobel Laureates is inaugurated in Buenos Aires.


1815.- Ada Byron, British mathematician, the first computer programmer in history.

1902.- Dulce María Loynaz, Cuban writer.

1908.- Olivier Messaiaen, French composer

1936.- Ramón Arcusa, singer of the “Dynamic Duo”.

1960.- Kenneth Branagh, British actor and filmmaker.

1989.- Marion Maréchal, French politician.

2014.- Jacques Honoré Rainier Grimaldi, heir to the Principality of Monaco, and his twin sister, Gabrielle Therese Marie.


1896.- Alfred Nobel, Swedish inventor and founder of the prizes that bear his name.

1936.- Luigi Pirandello, Italian playwright, 1934 Nobel Prize in Literature.

1967.- Otis Redding, American singer.

1978.- Emilio Portes Gil, president of Mexico from 1928 to 1930.

1992.- Celia Gámez, Argentine, singer and magazine actress.

2005.- Eugene McCarthy, former US Democratic senator.

2006.- Augusto Pinochet, Chilean dictator.

2012.- Antonio Cubillo, Canarian independence leader.

2019.- Yuri Luzhkov, Russian politician. EFE

Source: EFE


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December 10th anniversary: ​​What happened on a day like today