December 2 anniversary: ​​What happened on a day like today?

World.- In the ephemeris of this December 2 Several important ones that marked the history of mankind stand out, for example: in 1804, Napoleon Bonaparte is consecrated in the cathedral of Paris as emperor by Pope Pius VII.

On the same date, but in 1949, the United Nations approved the Convention for the Suppression of Trafficking in Persons and the Exploitation of Others. In commemoration, since 1985 Unesco has declared the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery.

What are the ephemeris of December 2?

1805.- French troops defeat the allies of Austria and Russia at Austerlitz, one of Napoleon’s most brilliant victories.

1811.- Republican General José Carrera becomes dictator of Chile.

1823.- US President James Monroe pronounces the famous phrase “America for the Americans” during a message addressed to Congress.

1852.- A coup in France allows Carlos Luis Bonaparte, President of the Republic, to become Emperor Napoleon III.

1873.- War of Cuba. Defeat of the Spanish troops by the natives, led by Máximo Gómez, in Palo Seco.

1903.- The Spanish Congress approves the Sunday rest law.

1913.- The underground tram service was inaugurated in Buenos Aires.

1942.- The Italian physicist Enrico Fermi, Nobel Prize in Physics in 1938, assembles the first uranium atomic pile.

1949.- The United Nations approves the Convention for the Suppression of Trafficking in Persons and the Exploitation of Others. In commemoration, since 1985 UNESCO has declared the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery.

1954.- The US Senate dismisses Senator Mc Carthy, the architect of the “witch hunt”.

1956.– The ship “Granma” arrives on the shores of Cuba with 82 Cuban revolutionaries ready to overthrow the dictator Fulgencio Batista.

1961.- Fidel Castro proclaims his Marxist-Leninist affiliation publicly, at the University of Havana.

1971.- The Federation of Arab Emirates is established, made up of six emirates from the Persian Gulf.

1975.- US President Gerald Ford visits China and meets with Mao Tse Tung.

1979.- The US embassy in Libya is attacked, set on fire and looted by protesters.

1982.- Dr. De Bries performs the world’s first implantation of a permanent artificial heart in the state of Utah (USA).

1997.- Approved in Brussels the new military structure of NATO by the 16 members of the Organization.

1999.- Elizabeth II of England ratifies the transfer of powers to the new Northern Irish government, which begins the autonomy for the province.

2001.- Enron, the largest US energy company, is declared bankrupt, the second most serious in the US until then after the fall of the oil company Texaco in 1989.

2002.- Argentina puts an end to the financial “corralito”, which prevented the free availability of money deposited in checking accounts.

2008.- The Constitutional Court of Thailand dissolves the three parties of the government coalition for electoral fraud and incapacitates their leaders for five years to exercise public functions.

2012.- The main Mexican political parties sign the “Pact for Mexico” to promote pending political reforms in the country.

2015..- The Brazilian Chamber of Deputies authorizes the opening of a political trial against the president, Dilma Rousseff, after considering an accusation against the president for tax irregularities that occurred in 2015.

2016.- Mercosur suspends Venezuela as a member country.

2017.- Pope Francis ends his trip to Burma and Bangladesh, where he finally met and pronounced the name “Rohingya” of the persecuted ethnic minority.

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2019.- César Emilio Peralta, alias “César el Abusador”, the largest drug trafficker in the Dominican Republic, is arrested.

2020.- Former French President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing dies at 94, who ruled France between 1974 and 1981.

Who was born on a December 2?

1825.- Pedro II, last emperor of Brazil.

1905.- Osvaldo Pugliese, Argentine musician.

1923.- María Callas, American soprano of Greek origin.

1921.- Lola Gaos, Spanish actress.

1924.- Alexander Haig, American military and politician.

1944.- Ibrahim Rugova, politician from Kosovo.

1946.- Gianni Versace, Italian designer.

1968.- Lucy Alexis Liu Yu, American actress.

1973.- Monica Seles, Serbian tennis player of American nationality.

1981.- Britney Spears, American singer.

Who died on December 2?

1547.- Hernán Cortés, Spanish conqueror.

1923.- Tomás Bretón, Spanish composer.

1944.- Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Italian writer.

1987.- Luis Federico Leloir, Argentine chemist, P. Nobel 1970.

1993.- Pablo Escobar, Colombian drug trafficker.

2008.- Odetta, African-American singer.

2019.- DC Fontana, American science fiction writer and screenwriter.

2020.- Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, former French president.

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December 2 anniversary: ​​What happened on a day like today?