December 2022: What are the ephemeris of December 20?

On December 20, various events occurred that were marked in the almanac of international history. From scientific discoveries, celebrity births and even tragic deaths, This was what happened in history, on a day like today.

Ephemeris, December 20:

1592: In Madrid, a Royal Decree issued by Felipe II declares the town of Havana (Cuba) a city.

1803: France hands over the Louisiana region to the United States.

1860: The South Carolina Assembly declares its union with the United States dissolved, sparking the Civil War.

1909: The claim of the discovery of the North Pole by Frederick Cook is rejected by a commission of experts.

1928: Hubert Wilkins makes the first flight over Antarctica.


1977: In Buenos Aires (Argentina) the Videla dictatorship ―in the framework of the Flights of Death― throws Azucena Villaflor (53), one of the founders of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo.

1984: In Mexico City, the first section of Line 7 of the subway from Tacuba to Auditorio is inaugurated.

1988: In Vienna, representatives of 49 countries sign the convention against drug trafficking.

1989: The United States military invades Panama, with the goal of deposing Manuel Antonio Noriega and establishing the elected government of Guillermo Endara.

1992: At the “La Bombonera” stadium (Buenos Aires), after 11 years without titles, Boca Juniors tied 1-1 with San Martín de Tucumán and achieved an award by winning the 1992 Apertura.

1994: In Mexico, Jaime Serra Puche ―Secretary of Finance and Public Credit in the government of President Ernesto Zedillo― devalues ​​the currency from 3.50 to 6.50 pesos per dollar. Former President Carlos Salinas de Gortari and Zedillo blame each other for the biggest economic crisis Mexico has ever had. Salinas called it the “December Error.”

1995: American Airlines Flight 965 crashes into a hill in Buga, Colombia. Almost all of its occupants die, saving only 4 passengers and a dog.

1996: The transmissions of the children’s and youth channel Nickelodeon Latin America begin.

1999: In Venezuela, the Constitution of Venezuela of 1999 is promulgated by the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez.

2001: In Argentina, in the midst of a great economic crisis known as the Crisis of December 2001 in Argentina and which caused looting and incidents with dozens of deaths, President Fernando de la Rúa resigned, leaving the Casa Rosada in a helicopter, leaving one of the most iconic images of the Argentine country.

2001: The same day that the President of the Republic resigned, in the Puerto Madero neighborhood, in Buenos Aires (Argentina), the Women’s Bridge was inaugurated. In 2018 this monument was declared a Cultural Heritage of the city.

2015: In Las Vegas (United States) the Miss Universe 2015 contest is held. The presenter of the contest, Steve Harvey, initially announces that the winner of the contest is the Colombian Ariadna Gutiérrez; he later acknowledges his mistake and announces that the real winner is Filipina Pia Wurtzbach.

2016: At the Calderón, Alessio Cerci, an Italian player for Atlético de Madrid, returns to the pitch.

2016: In Tultepec, State of Mexico, explosions were recorded in the San Pablito fireworks market, leaving a balance of at least 42 people dead; (It is the third incident in said place).

2016: In Puerto Carreño, Colombia, a Boeing 727 cargo aircraft belonging to the Aerosucre company crashes seconds after taking off, leaving 5 people dead and 1 injured.


1998 – Kylian Mbappé, French footballer.


217 – Ceferinus, Italian Catholic pope (b. 2nd century).

1968 – John Steinbeck, American novelist, 1962 Nobel Prize Winner for Literature (b. 1902).

1996 – Carl Sagan, American astronomer (b. 1934)

What is commemorated today, December 20?

  • International Human Solidarity Day
  • World Skepticism Day
  • world bleeding day
  • International Wrinkled Shirt Day



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December 2022: What are the ephemeris of December 20?