Democratic values ​​| Jose Antonio Abreu Anselmi | By: Ramón Rivasáez • Diario de Los Andes, news from Los Andes, Trujillo, Táchira and Mérida

This illustrious Venezuelan was born on May 7, 1939 in the Trujillo city of Valera and died in Caracas on March 24, 2018, after embarking on a memorable artistic career in the musical field that was recognized throughout the world.

Abreu Anselmi, at the age of nine, received a good musical education in Barquisimeto, Lara state, where he was taken along with his brothers; later his family lives in Caracas, where he is studying economics at the Andrés Bello Catholic University; he graduated Summa Cum Laude, later, he completed his training at the University of Michigan, without abandoning his musical passion.

During the first five years of President Carlos Andrés Pérez, he founded the Juan José Landaeta National Youth Orchestra, origin of the world-renowned Simón de Bolívar Symphony Orchestra, directed by Gustavo Dudamel, orchestral director trained under the generous hand of Maestro Abreu.

Since then, José Antonio Abreu has dedicated himself to modeling what will be his great work, the National System of Youth, Children and Pre-Children’s Orchestras that gave Venezuela world renown, after incorporating more than three million young people and children from the social strata. most depressed of the population, through large-scale musical training, to rescue the talent and sensitivity that underlies among ordinary people.

That enterprising work of Abreu Anselmi, from Trujillo, opened safe, exalting paths, and musical geniuses hidden in some village, forgotten town or perhaps in a neighborhood of a city that nobody paid attention to began to awaken. Then, Venezuela took a leap towards the first musical world supported by the prodigious and enlightened hand of maestro José Antonio Abreu.

Venezuela, recovered millions of adolescents and children through the magic of Bach, Beethoven, Bizet, Mozart, Puccini, Strauss, Rossini, Wagner, among other composers, whose songs imbued with wisdom the music halls where the national system of youth orchestras performed. and children of Venezuela, the work of democracy, and especially the management of President Pérez.

This gigantic cultural initiative immediately had its echoes in the rest of the planet; The Venezuelan orchestral master was called from Austria, Finland, France, Japan, United States, United Kingdom; His governments and cultural authorities were amazed by the discovery and the musical miracle of the South American country.

The enterprising effort had placed Venezuela as a highly developed nation in the musical plane; discovering that, anywhere in that territory, someone was performing a composer like Manuel de Falla, John Cage or another, was a wonderful reality. Consequently, no less than seventy nations of the world tried to emulate the Venezuelan example of the orchestra system.

Over the years numerous young Venezuelans travel the first world, unleashing admiration, due to their masterful executions of some instrument, or lyrical singing, for example, Aquiles Machado; performances product of the legacy of maestro Abreu Anselmi.

For this socio-cultural project, José Antonio Abreu received innumerable world awards, among them, Ambassador for Peace and Goodwill by UNESCO, The Right Lively Hood, Nobel Prize awarded by the Right Lively Hood Foundation of Sweden; Polar award, another high musical distinction; Federico Stock Award; Knight of the Legion of Honor of France; Yehudi Menuhin Award; Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts, Juan de Borbón Music Award, UNICEF Award, Gabriela Mistral Award, National Music Award of Venezuela on two occasions, the Musical American Award of the USA, the Ibero-American Music Award Cortes de Cádiz of Spain; Special Peace Prize from Tokyo, Japan; Erasmus award, honorary doctorate from fifteen Venezuelan universities, were among many the rewards for this value of Venezuelan democracy.


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Democratic values ​​| Jose Antonio Abreu Anselmi | By: Ramón Rivasáez • Diario de Los Andes, news from Los Andes, Trujillo, Táchira and Mérida