Discover all the benefits of baths for the body and mind

The Waterbesides being necessary to survive, has had a enormous value in all cultures. It is therapy for the skin and peace of mind. Spaces such as hammams, hot springs and spas make us recover the well-being of the skin with mineral-medicinal properties and cosmetic treatments full of pleasure.

The caldas are hot waters that come out of the interior of the earth at a temperature of 74 ° C and have therapeutic properties. For this reason, temples with lodgings are built around it and services are offered. healing vacationAs it explains Marina Lopez, responsible wellness from Las Caldas Thermal Villa.

“The medicinal mineral benefits of our waters are especially suitable for people with stress and rest problemsfor its neurosedative properties”.

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Caldas Thermal Villa by Blau Hotels.

A wellness retreat that also heals injuries and respiratory problems. “The hydrotherapy of our waters contributes to the recovery in traumatological and inflammatory processes and helps to improve respiratory problems such as asthma and rhinitis through fully personalized programs by a medical team,” adds López.

Beauty is also part of this space with a letter of treatments and cosmetics made with their mineral-medicinal waters and 100% ecological ingredients that they sell to the visitor.

Furthermore, in Spain we have the Arabic reminiscence with spaces that Hammam Al Ándalus is in charge of recovering.

It all started when two young people, fresh out of university, were pressed from the baths of the Alhambra and decided to recover the ancient tradition of the baths.

Hammam Al Andalus Palma de Mallorca.

Hammam Al Andalus Palma de Mallorca.

His initiative started in 1998 in Granada, with the opening of the first Arab baths for public use in Spain and today they are in Córdoba, Madrid, Málaga and Palma de Mallorca to fill us with vitality and take the stress out of the cities.

Inside there are no waters with properties, but a physical and spiritual immersion through a ritual of light, sound, temperatures, pressures, treatments and massages that change with each season.

Hammam Garden Products.

Hammam Garden Products.

At home you can also continue with relaxation and its ecological cosmetic line El Jardín de Hammam.

Another place whose story deserves to be told is the Avène thermal station. It all started by chance, with the healing of a horse belonging to a French nobleman after bathing in the spring. Later, the inhabitants of the area began to flock to the spring to enjoy the soothing and anti-irritant properties of Avène thermal water.

Avène thermal station.

Avène thermal station.

And so, this thermal station was created, which was even exported to the United States to treat the burnt victims of the great Chicago fire in 1871.

Today the thermal waters of the Avène station are world renowned for its quality and skin treatments. It treats more than 3,000 patients affected by skin pathologies, such as eczema, psoriasis, burns, oncological post-treatment care, each year.

More than 150 scientific and clinical studies have also been published on the properties of its waters. And Avène products, thanks to their great effectiveness, are prescribed and recommended by dermatologists and pharmacists.

Finally, the Omorovicza brand, recognized worldwide as a cosmetic beauty elixir, owes its origins to the properties of the bath Rácz Fűrdő built in the 19th century in Budapest over an Ottoman bath, by the Omorovicza family.


Today, Margaret of Heinrich of Omorovicza bottles the magic of these healing waters so that everyone has healthy, youthful and revitalized skin with products that combine natural ingredients and scientific innovation.

A powerful mineral elixir patented by the firm and developed in collaboration with a Nobel Prize-winning dermatology laboratory. Healing Concentrate™, is the technology that guarantees the absorption of minerals reaching the depths of the epidermis.

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Discover all the benefits of baths for the body and mind