Do you want to buy the house of a Nobel? You will need to ask permission to tile the bathrooms

“Single-family house with 3 floors. Constructed area of ​​630 square meters. The structure of the building is metallic, including the joists of the slabs. The facades are made of a solid brick masonry wall. The sloping hipped roof has a wooden structure. The existing trees, a cedar of great value, is protected. The building is not protected ”. It is a matter of days that This Idealista ad needs to be corrected. Those actions “that affect the good” are suspended and “it will have to be the Ministry of Culture and Tourism the one that can authorize works that do not harm integrity and values ​​”.

It remains under the mantle of the Madrid law of Historical heritage. The price remains at 4.7 million euros. The house of Velintonia 3, currently Vicente Aleixandre 3 and 5, was a meeting place for poets of the generation of 27, of the 36, and of the 50. Now it will be declared Asset of Heritage Interest. The humidity, silence and abandonment run faster than the bureaucracy, but the central and regional governments have decided to win to ruin, or at least try. Save the various memories that shelter those walls and the shadow of that cedar, the only thing protected until now. Conversations with Gerardo Diego, Hierro, Neruda, Hernández… and Lorca at the piano. Carmena’s plan to expropriate the house of Peironcelly 10, immortalized by Robert Capa, never materialized. Perhaps the iconography of the Civil war it has more force, for some, than the testimony of the “interior exile”. Aleixandre in 77 got the Nobel for the “great renovation, in the interwar era, of the traditions of Spanish poetry”, in 49 the “Francisco Franco” and in 50 he was appointed Academician.

GRAF2781. MADRID, 05 02 2021.- View of the interior of Vicente Aleixandre’s house in Madrid this Friday. EFE Chema Moya

This time the thing is serious. In a few days the Official Gazette of the Madrid’s community, the BOCM, will publish the resolution to start the declaration process as BIP and within six months it will be a reality. Waiting to know if it will become a “House of Poetry” open to all, as was the house of the poet and Nobel Prize winner, he will obtain the second degree of protection. It will be a matter of time and understanding that the property is acquired by the Administration, one or more, because in the free market it has not had any success and now, with the limitations and commitments that the BIP declaration implies, it seems difficult for private capital to do with the house. It would also be frustrating for those who have struggled to open doors and windows of a space that little aired since 1984, but when it has done it has been a breath of poetry and freedom. This time the machinery has started.

The symbolic value of the house is recognized for having been the place of its literary production

First, the Report of the General Directorate of Fine Arts, one of the last signed by María Dolores Jiménez-Blanco Carrillo de AlbornozBefore resigning due to discrepancies with Iceta and the departure of pieces from national museums, he recognized the “historical and cultural value” of this house. Because as already determined by the Superior of Justice with the Albéniz Theater, “The architectural are not the only relevant for the purposes of protection of a property.” For this reason, it informs the Madrid Ministry of the “need” to declare the property of Asset of Patrimonial Interest. This is what the department of Marta Rivera de la Cruz. When the resolution is published, there will be a month of public information, in addition to requesting reports from the Ra of San Fernando and Royal Academy of History and notify it to the General Registry of assets of Cultural interest of the Ministry and the community. The resolution recognizes that it is one of the few elements of the Metropolitan Colony but especially highlights the “Symbolic value of the house for having been the scene of life and place of literary production“As well as a” meeting place for the poet’s friends “from 27 to the newest and beyond. “All of this makes the house on Velintonia street a significant property of the history of 20th century Spanish literature, but also of world literature ”. Now it only remains to know what will become of this property in the future and perhaps it has to do with the perception that each one has of issues such as memory, freedom and poetry. Now it is in the hands of politics.

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Do you want to buy the house of a Nobel? You will need to ask permission to tile the bathrooms