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Ephemeris of August 17, 2022

1585.- The Spanish Tercios commanded by Alejandro Farnesio enter the city of Antwerp after a siege of almost a year.

1717.- Philip V orders the unification of higher education in Catalonia at the University of Cervera after suppressing all Catalan universities by decree.

1807.- American Robert Fulton launches his steam-powered ship from New York Harbor.

1843.- The adhesive postage stamp is created in Spain, but the decree of Fermín Caballero did not take effect until January 1, 1850.

1930.- Pact of San Sebastián between different anti-monarchist political groups that contributed to the advent of the Republic.

1935.- Masonic lodges are dissolved in Germany and their property confiscated.

1943.- Sicily is totally liberated by British and American troops.


1956.- The Constitutional Court of the FRG decrees the dissolution of the Communist Party.

1958.- Failure of the first attempt in history to send a rocket to the Moon when an unmanned American rocket exploded in the air.

1962.- For the first time two Soviet astronauts go around the Earth.


1976.- An earthquake and a gigantic wave cause 3,000 deaths in the Philippines.

1977.- Luis Buñuel’s “That Obscure Object of Desire” premieres in France.

1978.- American aeronauts Ben Abruzzo, Max Anderson and Larry Newman cross the Atlantic aboard the Double Eagle II balloon.

1988.- The president of Pakistan, Zia Ul Haq, dies in an attack on his plane.

1995.- China explodes its 43rd nuclear bomb since 1964 in Lop Nor (Xijiang region), ten times more powerful than the one in Hiroshima.

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1998.- The president of the United States, Bill Clinton, admits before a jury that he had “an inappropriate relationship” with Monica Lewinsky.

1999.- An earthquake of magnitude 7.4 shakes western Turkey and causes more than 17,000 deaths.

2006.- The Lebanese Government begins the deployment of 15,000 soldiers to the south of the Litani River, in compliance with UN resolution 1701.

2008.- Iran launches for the first time a self-made space satellite, which bears the name “Omid”.

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.- American swimmer Michael Phelps beats Mark Spitz’s world record in Beijing by winning eight gold medals at the Olympic Games.

2015.- The Government of South Sudan and the rebels sign a new peace agreement in Addis Ababa after intense negotiations.

2016.- North Korea announces that it has resumed plutonium production.

2017.- Attacks in Catalonia with 16 deaths (14 on the Ramblas of Barcelona), the bloodiest after 11M.

2019.- A suicide bomber detonates his explosive charge in a room where a wedding banquet was being held in Kabul (Afghanistan) and kills 80 people.

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2020.- The king’s house confirms that Juan Carlos I has been in the Emirates since August 3 after moving his residence out of Spain, due to his alleged opaque business.


1893.- Mae West, American actress.

1920.- Maureen O’Hara, Irish actress.

1926.- Jiang Zemin, Chinese politician.

1930.- Ted Hughes, English writer.

1932.- Vidia S. Naipaul, British writer and Nobel Prize for Literature in 2001.

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1943.- Robert de Niro, American actor.

1944.- Larry Ellison, American computer scientist, founder of Oracle.

1947.- Pedro Ruiz, Spanish presenter, writer and comedian.

1952.- Nelson Piquet, Brazilian Formula-1 driver.

1952.- Guillermo Vilas, Argentine tennis player.

1954.- Andrés Pastrana Arango, Colombian politician.

1956.- Álvaro Pino, Spanish cyclist.

Ephemeris of August 17 2022

1960.- Sean Penn, American actor.

.- Miquel Iceta, Spanish politician.

1968.- Helen McCrory, British actress.

1974.- Marc Colomer, Spanish motorcyclist.

1981.- Helen Lindes, Spanish model.


1786.- Frederick II, the Great, King of Prussia.

1850.- José San Martín, Argentine soldier, hero of American independence.

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1955.- Fernand Léger, French painter.

1965.- Guillermo Fernández Shaw, Spanish poet and actor.

1987.- Rudolf Hess, German soldier, Hitler’s lieutenant.

1990.- Bruno Lomas, Spanish singer.

1995.- Luis Antonio Burón Barba, Spanish jurist.

2010.- Francesco Cossiga, Italian politician.

2016.- Arthur Hiller, Canadian filmmaker.

.- Víctor Mora, Spanish writer, creator of the famous comic “El Capitán Trueno”.