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1881 – JUAN R. JIMENEZ. The Spanish poet Juan Ramón Jiménez was born in the municipality of Moguer (Huelva, Spain), winner of the 1956 Nobel Prize for Literature for his body of work, including Platero y yo and Poemas mágicos y dolientes.

1925-BOCA RIVER. The maximum win in the history of the superclassics in the amateur era of Argentine soccer is recorded. Boca Juniors beat River Plate 6-0. The “millionaire” lost three players due to injury, for which the referee whistled the end of the game with seven minutes remaining in the regulation game.

1951 – ENRIQUE S. DISCÉPOLO. At the age of 50, the musician, composer, playwright and filmmaker Enrique Santos Discépolo, author of the famous tangos Cambalache, Yira Yira, Uno and Cafetín de Buenos Aires, considered “fundamental” in the history of the 2×4 genre, dies in Buenos Aires .

1956-DAVE MURRAY. British musician Dave Murray, guitarist for the hard rock band Iron Maiden, with whom he recorded 28 albums, was born in the English city of Edmonton. Murray and Steve Harris are the only members of the band to have appeared on their entire discography. Murray guested with the band Psycho Motel on the album Welcome to the World (1997).

1964-EDDIE VEDDER. The American musician and composer Eddie Vedder (Edward Louis Severson), leader and vocalist of the band Pearl Jam and one of the creators of grunge, a rock subgenre, was born in the city of Evanston (Illinois, USA).

1967-ROLLING STONES. The Rolling Stones publish in the United Kingdom the single album ella She ella ‘sa rainbow, the song considered the most beautiful and least characteristic of those written by the famous British rock band.

1972 – EARTHQUAKE IN MANAGUA. The city of Managua is devastated by an earthquake measuring 6.2 on the Richter scale that caused the death of some 20,000 inhabitants of the Nicaraguan capital. The fires caused by the quake raged for the next two weeks until January 6, 1973.

1972 – MIRACLE OF THE ANDES. On a hill in Los Maitenes de Curicó (Mendoza), the rescue of the 16 survivors of the crash of a Uruguayan Air Force plane in the Andes mountain range with 45 passengers and crew, including 19 players from the Old rugby club, concludes Christians Club of Montevideo. They had been presumed dead in the October 1972 disaster, with which the Tragedy of the Andes was renamed the Miracle of the Andes.

1984 – ARGENTINIAN JUNIORS. Led by Roberto Saporiti, the Argentinos Juniors team obtained its first title in the First Division of soccer by winning the Metropolitan Championship with a 1-0 victory against Temperley. The goal was scored by defender Jorge Olguín from a penalty in a match played at the Ferro Carril Oeste field.

1986 – END POINT. Law 23,492 of Punto Final is sanctioned, which established the expiration of legal proceedings against those accused of crimes against humanity committed during the last dictatorship who had not been called to testify “before sixty calendar days from” its promulgation, on the 24th December 1986.

1987-NIKKI SIXX. The American musician and composer Nikki Sixx, bassist for Motley Crue, is declared dead for two minutes in the city of Los Angeles due to a drug overdose, an incident that inspired him to write the song Kickstart my heart, the most famous of the glam metal band

2001 – RODRÍGUEZ SAÁ. The provisional president Adolfo Rodríguez Saa is applauded in the National Congress when announcing the cessation of payments on the external debt due to the severe economic crisis in the country. Rodríguez Saá, on leave as governor of San Luis, resigned as head of state a few days later.

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Ephemeris of December 23 – La Jornada Web