Ephemeris of June 9: What is celebrated today in Mexico and the world?

A day like today, but from 2013, Edward Snowden, a former CIA technician, confesses to having leaked cyber espionage data in the United States. Also this June 9 is celebrated the World Donald Duck Day, International Archives Day and World Judicial Officers Day. These are the ephemeris of June 9 and the Catholic saints.

Other ephemeris of today June 9

1815.- Signing of the final act of the Congress of Vienna to restore the borders of Europe after the defeat of Napoleon.

1829.- The Spanish Bank of San Fernando, one of the predecessors of the Bank of Spain, is created by a royal certificate of Fernando VII.

1869.- The Ecuadorian president, Gabriel García Moreno, proclaims a new Constitution, described as a “black letter” by the opposition.

1894.- General Juan Juan Bautista Luis Egusquiza Isasi leads a coup in Paraguay that deposes President Juan Gualberto González.

1915.- Roque González Garza, president of Mexico for the Sovereign Revolutionary Convention, submits his resignation from that position. He is replaced by Francisco Lagos Cházaro.

1924.- Uruguay is proclaimed Olympic soccer champion in Paris, after beating Switzerland 3-0.

1928.- Charles Kingsford Smith, Australian aviation pioneer, completes the first transpacific flight with stops in Brisbane, Australia, departing on May 31 from Oakland, California.

1934. First appearance of Donald Duck, a cartoon character created by Disney, in the short film “The Wise Little Hen”.

1944.- A hundred residents of Tulle, France, are killed by German troops in retaliation for the death of 40 German soldiers at the hands of the maquis.

1948.- The International Council on Archives is established under the auspices of UNESCO. In commemoration, since November 2007 the United Nations celebrates June 9 as International Archives Day.

1956.- The uprising led by Peronist General Juan José Valle fails in Argentina, who will be shot days later along with other rebels.

1980.- The addition of item VIII to article 3 of the Constitution is published in the Official Gazette of the Federation. It empowers universities and higher education institutions to govern themselves and carry out their goals of education, research and dissemination of culture.

1985.- One hundred Kurds die and another 260 are wounded in the bombing by Iraqi aircraft of a refugee camp in Iran.

1993.- Wedding of the crown prince of Japan, Naruhito, with the diplomat Masako Owada at the imperial palace in Tokyo.

1999.- Abdullah II is crowned as the new king of Jordan.

2006.- Israel bombs a beach in northern Gaza and kills 10 Palestinian civilians, including three children and three women.

2008.- The International Space Station extends its new 10-meter-long Japanese robotic arm, which is part of the “Kibo” laboratory.

2009.- 18 people are killed, including two UN officials, and another 50 are injured when a car bomb explodes next to a luxury hotel in Peshawar, northwest Pakistan.

2012.- The Eurogroup approves financial aid (rescue) for Spanish banks of up to 100,000 million euros.

2014.- The FARC begin their fourth ceasefire since negotiating a peace agreement with the Colombian government.

2019.- The US suspends the application of new tariffs to Mexico after reaching an agreement to return irregular immigrants.

2020.- Iran sentences an Iranian citizen to death as a CIA spy involved in the assassination of General Qasem Soleimaní.

2021.- The Russian Justice outlaws the political movement and various organizations associated with the opposition leader Alexei Navalni.


1781.- George Stephenson, English inventor of the locomotive.

1843.- Bertha von Suttne, Austrian writer, pacifist and first female Nobel Peace Prize winner.

1915.- Les Paul, American guitarist.

1916.- Robert McNamara, American politician.

1921.- Guido Munch, Mexican astrophysicist, Prince of Asturias Award for Scientific and Technical Research in 1989.

1952.- Luis Pastor, Spanish singer-songwriter.

1958.- Agustín Carstens, Governor of the Bank of Mexico.

1961.- Michael J. Fox, American actor of Canadian origin.

1963.- Johnny Depp, American actor.

1981.- Natalie Portman, American actress.


1829.- Baltasar Hidalgo de Cisneros, last Spanish viceroy in Río de la Plata.

1870.- Charles Dickens, English novelist.

1903.- Gaspar Núñez de Arce, Spanish poet.

1974.- Miguel Ángel Asturias, Guatemalan writer and P. Nobel in 1967.

1998.- Agostino Casaroli, Cardinal and former Vatican Secretary of State.

2002.- Elena Burke, Cuban singer.

2010.- Marina Semyonova, Russian dancer.

2017.- Herman Andimba Toivo ya Toivo, Namibian activist.

.- Adam West, American actor.

2020.- Pau Donés, Spanish singer and musician.

Catholic Saints

  • Saint Ephrem of Syria
  • Blessed Anna Maria Taigi
  • Saint Columba of Iona
  • Saint Diomedes of Nicaea
  • Saint Feliciano martyr
  • Saint Maximian of Syracuse
  • Saint Cousin martyr
  • Saint Richard of Andria
  • Saint Vincent of Vernemet
  • Blessed Joseph Imbert
  • San Jose de Anchieta

These were the ephemeris of this June 9 and the Catholic saints so that you know everything that is celebrated on this day.

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Ephemeris of June 9: What is celebrated today in Mexico and the world?