Ephemeris of November 28: What is celebrated today in Mexico and the world?

A day like today, but from 1911, Emiliano Zapata proclaims the Plan of Ayala, that vindicates the rights of peasants. In addition, it is celebrated beginning of Hanukkah or Festival of Lights. These are the ephemeris of this November 28 and the Catholic saints.

Other ephemeris today

1493.- On his second voyage, Christopher Columbus arrives with his men at Fort Navidad (in Hispaniola), which they find destroyed and with all the Spaniards dead.

1582.- William Shakespeare marries Anne Hathaway.

1814.- In London, The Times newspaper becomes the first in the world to be printed with a steam engine.

1821.- The General Board of Corporations and Officials decrees the independence of the Isthmus of Panama and its union with the Bolivarian Gran Colombia. José de Fábregas is named supreme head of the Department of the Isthmus.

1843.- The Governments of the United Kingdom and France officially recognize the Kingdom of Hawaii as an independent nation.

1848.- The Swiss city of Bern is recognized as the capital of the Swiss Confederation.

1865.- Mariano Prado overthrows the president of Peru, Juan Antonio Pezet, and initiates a dictatorial government in the country.

1893.- In New Zealand, women vote for the first time in history in national elections. They are allowed to vote but not to be candidates.

1909.- The 3.2 kilometer railway tunnel is inaugurated, linking Las Cuevas, in Argentina, with Caracoles, in Chile.

1911.- Signature of the “Plan Ayala”, which served as the banner of Zapata’s party in the Mexican Revolution.

1912.- The National Assembly proclaims the independence of Albania.

1924.- Publication of the novel “The Magic Mountain”, by the German writer Thomas Mann.

1942.- Nearly 500 people die in the fire at the Cocoanut Grove nightclub in Boston (USA).

1943.- The Tehran Conference begins between Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin, for the organization of the world after the expected victory of the allies.

1960.- Mauritania gains independence from France.

1964.- NASA launches the Mariner 4 probe from Cape Canaveral (United States), which months later would send the first photographs of the surface of Mars to Earth.

1966.- A new Constitution of the Dominican Republic is promulgated.

1971.- The Prime Minister of Jordan, Wasfi Tell, was assassinated in Cairo by three Palestinian terrorists.

1979.- The 257 occupants of an Air New Zealand DC-10 die when it crashes on Mount Erebus, in Antarctica.

1984.- Yasser Arafat resigns as president of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), although a few hours later he withdraws his resignation at the request of his co-religionists.

1994.- The Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa obtains the Cervantes Prize, the highest award for Hispanic Literature.

.- Norway rejects its integration into the EU in a referendum.

1996.- Algeria approves a constitutional reform that reinforces presidentialism and prohibits Islam for political purposes.

2002.- Attack in Mombasa (Kenya): 17 dead and 80 injured when a car bomb explodes at the Hotel Paraíso, owned by Israel.

2004.- King Abdullah of Jordan signs a decree that withdraws the title of crown prince from his half-brother Hamzeh el Hussein.

2005.- “Cyber ​​Monday” appears in the United States, for online purchases.

2006.- Dozens of parliamentarians occupy the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico: the leftists, to prevent the inauguration ceremony of President-elect Felipe Calderón on December 1, and the government to support it.

2010.- The Wikileaks website filters 250,000 documents that reveal that the US government instructed its diplomats to spy on foreign politicians and senior UN officials.

2014.- More than 100 people die in an attack against a mosque in the city of Kano, in Nigeria.

2016.- 71 of the 77 occupants of a plane that crashed near Medellín (Colombia) and in which 22 players from the Brazilian soccer team Chapecoense were traveling, died.

2017.- The Bolivian Constitution gives Evo Morales a free hand to run for a fourth term.

2019.- The European Parliament declares a climate emergency in the EU.

2021.- Petr Fiala is appointed Prime Minister of the Czech Republic.


1820.- Friedrich Engels, German philosopher.

1857.- Alfonso XII, King of Spain.

1895.- José Iturbi, Spanish pianist and conductor.

1907.- Alberto Moravia, Italian novelist.

1908.- Claude Levi-Strauss, French philosopher and ethnologist.

1918.- Kiko Ledgard, Peruvian presenter and actor.

1920.- Sagrario Ramírez Gallardo, Spanish chemist, inventor of solid gasoline.

1931.- María Victoria Atencia, Spanish poet.

1932.- Leandro ?GatoBarbieri, Argentine jazz saxophonist.

1941.- Laura Antonelli (Antonaz), Italian actress.

1949.- Alexander Godunov, dancer and actor of Russian origin.

1960.- John Galliano, British fashion designer.

1961.- Alfonso Cuarón, Mexican filmmaker.

1962.- John Stewart, American comedian and television presenter.

1992.- Jake Miller, American singer.

.- Adam Hicks, American actor and singer.


1680.- Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Italian sculptor and architect.

1859.- Washington Irving, American writer.

1954.- Enrico Fermi, Italian physicist, Nobel Prize in 1938.

1962.- Wilhelmina, Queen of the Netherlands.

1968.- Enid Blyton, English writer.

2007.- Elly Beinhorn, German aviator.

2010.- Samuel T. Cohen, American physicist, inventor of the neutron bomb.

2014.- Roberto Gómez Bolaños “Chespirito”, Mexican humorist.

2016.- Cléber Santana, Brazilian soccer player.

2020.- David Prowse, British actor who played Darth Vader in Star Wars.

2021.- Virgil Abloh, American fashion designer.

.- Frank Williams, British, former racing driver and founder of the Williams team.

Catholic Saints

  • Saint Catherine Labouré
  • Saint Andrew Tran Van Trông
  • saint basil martyr
  • Saint Crescentian
  • Saint Edelbold
  • Saint Stephen the Younger
  • Saint Eustatius
  • Saint Felix
  • san florenciano
  • Saint Honest of Nimes
  • San Hortelano
  • Saint Irenarch
  • Saint James of the Mark
  • Saint Lamanus
  • Saint Mansueto of Uruci
  • Saint Papinian and companions
  • Saint Peter, monk
  • Saint Rufus
  • Saint Sostenes
  • Saint Theodora
  • San Urbano
  • Blessed Grace of Cattaro
  • Blessed James Thomson
  • Blessed Juan Jesus (Mariano) Adradas Gonzalo and companions
  • Blessed Luis Campos Górriz

This is the Catholic saints and ephemeris for today, November 28, so you don’t miss a thing.

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Ephemeris of November 28: What is celebrated today in Mexico and the world?