Ephemeris of October 14: What happened on a day like today?

On October 14, but in 1962, the missile crisis begins, after an American spy plane photographed and discovered Russian missile ramps in Cuba.

Other ephemeris of October 14

1813.- Simón Bolívar is proclaimed the “Liberator” in Caracas.

1888.- The first film in the history of cinema is filmed, “The Roundhay Garden Scene” (France), which lasts less than two seconds.

1913.- Senghenydden mining disaster: 439 miners die in what was the biggest British mining disaster.

1917.- Uruguay wins its second Copa de América, in a match held in Montevideo.

1944.- World War II: General Rommel commits suicide at the behest of Hitler, accused of participating in a plot against him.

1947.- For the first time in history, man breaks the sound barrier. Chuck E. Yeager, an American pilot, did it at the controls of the Bell “X-1” rocket plane, which exceeded 1,224 km/hour.

1951.- The Organization of Central American States is created.

1957.- The Turia river overflows as it passes through Valencia (Spain) and causes the death of nearly a hundred people and millionaire material losses.

1964.- The American Martin Luther King receives the Nobel Peace Prize for his non-violent resistance to eliminate racial prejudice in the United States.

1981.- Hosni Mubarak assumes the presidency of Egypt.

1999.- The Japanese banks Sumitomo Bank and Sakura Bank announce their merger, creating the second largest bank in the world in terms of assets.

2001.- President Fernando de la Rúa loses power in Argentina after the victory of the Peronists in the legislative elections.

2003.- The companies ACS and Dragados approve the merger to create the largest Spanish construction company and the third largest in Europe.

2005.- Former President Lucio Gutiérrez returns to Ecuador, where he is arrested and imprisoned for “attacking State security.”

.- The XV Ibero-American Summit begins in Salamanca (Spain), under the presidency of the King and Queen of Spain.

2006.- The UN approves commercial and arms sanctions against North Korea for carrying out its first atomic test.

2009.- India and Argentina sign a nuclear cooperation pact.

2011.- Apple launches the iPhone 4S, the first without Steve Jobs, and its new automated voice control system called “Siri”.

2012.- The Austrian athlete Félix Baumgartner is launched from the stratosphere, more than 39,000 meters high, becoming the first human being to break the speed of sound in free fall.

2017.- At least 587 people die in an attack perpetrated by Al Shabab against a hotel and a market in Mogadishu (Somalia).

.- The Hollywood Academy expels producer Harvey Weinstein, involved in a huge scandal of abuse and sexual harassment.

2018.- Pope Francis proclaims Pope Paul VI a saint.

2019.- 14 police officers are killed in an armed attack in western Mexico.

.- In Spain, the Supreme Court sentences nine to 13 years in prison to nine Catalan leaders for the illegal secessionist process of 2017.

2021.- Angela Merkel receives the Carlos V European Award, in Yuste (Spain).


1882.- Eamon de Valera, champion of Irish independence.

1890.- Dwight Eisenhower, military man and former president of the United States.

1906.- Hasan Al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood.

.- Hannah Arendt, German philosopher.

1927.- Roger Moore, British actor.

1930.- Mobutu Sese Seko, former president of Zaire.

1938.- Farah Diba, former Empress of Iran.

1939.- Ralph Lauren, American fashion designer.

1940.- Cliff Richard, British singer.

1941.- Roger Taylor, British tennis player.


1959.- Errol Flynn, Australian actor.

1977.- Bing Crosby, American actor and singer.

1990.- Leonard Bernstein, American composer and conductor.

1997.- Harold Robbins, American writer.

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Ephemeris of October 14: What happened on a day like today?