Ephemeris of September 8: What is celebrated today in Mexico and the world?

A day like today, but from 1847 the battle of Molino del Rey takes place, when Mexican troops faced the American invaders in Chapultepec. In addition, this day is celebrated as International Literacy Day, the International Journalist’s Day, World Cystic Fibrosis Day and World Physiotherapy Day. These are the ephemeris of this September 8.

Other ephemeris of today

1565.- The Spanish soldier and sailor Pedro Menéndez de Avilés founds San Agustín, Florida, the first permanent settlement in continental North America, the oldest city in the US.

1575.- Great eruption of the Pichincha volcano in Ecuador.

1876.- General Veintimilla staged a coup and put an end to the Government of Antonio Borrero.

1879.- The Angamos naval battle takes place in Punta Angamos (Peru) during the War of the Pacific.

1888.- The submarine “Peral” is launched, invented by the Spanish sailor Isaac Peral and built in La Carraca (Cádiz, southern Spain).

1920.- The Central Committee of the Congress Party of India approves Gandhi’s program in non-violent struggle against England.

1924.- A revolution in Chile overthrows President Arturo Alessandri and gives power to General Luis Altamirano.

1926.- Germany is admitted to the League of Nations, while Spain announces its withdrawal from the organization.

1933.- Ghazi I, successor of Faisal I, is crowned King of Iraq.

1941.- The German army begins the siege of Leningrad that will last until January 1944.

1944.- Nazi Germany attacks London with a new type of flying bombs (V-2).

1951.- The United States and Japan sign peace and security treaties.

1967.- Proclamation of the Republic of Uganda.

1974.- President Gerald Ford pardons Richard Nixon for crimes committed during his term.

1981.- Guatemala breaks relations with the United Kingdom for the independence of Belize.

1991.- Approved in a referendum the independence of Macedonia with the right to join a Yugoslavia of sovereign states.

1994.- The last allied detachments (United Kingdom, France and USA) of the Cold War are dismissed with military honors in Berlin.

1997.- The Haitian ferry “Fierté Gonavienne” capsizes in the port of Montrouis (Haiti): 133 people die.

1999.- Muslim extremists from the Caucasus put a bomb in a building in Moscow and 93 people die.

2000.- The UN Millennium Summit closes in New York with the assistance of 146 heads of State or Government.

2006.- The Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet is disbarred by the Supreme Court of Chile for his responsibility in the kidnapping of 36 opponents and 23 cases of torture in 1974.

2009.- Afghan President Hamid Karzai is re-elected President of the country by an absolute majority.

2020.- The Spanish Center for Energy, Environmental and Technological Research (CIEMAT) reports that the Higgs Boson interacts with elementary particles such as muons, an “extremely rare” phenomenon.

2020.- The Argentine writer Alberto Manguel donates his library, made up of 40,000 volumes, to the Lisbon City Council.

2021.- Chile awards the National Arts Prize to the British dancer Joan Turner, widow of the singer-songwriter Víctor Jara, assassinated during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.

– The water runs again in the Fuente de las Peltas (Roman Palace), inactive since ancient times, after an installation that pays homage to the original structure.


1157.- Ricardo “Heart of Leon”, king of England.

1736.- Lorenzo Tiepolo, Italian painter.

1824.- Jaime Nunó Roca, author of the music of the Mexican National Anthem, was born in Spain.

1827.- Juan Valera, Spanish writer.

1830.- Frederic Mistral, French poet, Nobel Prize 1904.

1862.- Mariano Benlliure, Spanish sculptor.

1968.- Miguel Báez “El Litri”, Spanish bullfighter.

1869.- José María Pino Suárez is born, who stood out as a lawyer, poet and politician. He served as vice president during the term of Francisco I. Madero.

1987.- Wiz Khalifa, American rapper and actor.

1989.- Tim Bergling, Swedish DJ best known for Avicii.


1645.- Francisco de Quevedo, Spanish writer.

1862.- Ignacio Zaragoza, hero of the Battle of May 5, dies.

1949.- Richard Strauss, German musician.

1985.- John F. Enders, American virologist, Nobel Prize in Medicine 1954.

2003.- Leni Riefenstahl, German filmmaker.

2016.- Johan Botha, South African opera singer.

– Prince Buster, Jamaican musician.

2019.- Camilo Sesto, Spanish singer.

2020.- Mikiso Iwasa, Hiroshima survivor and adviser to one of the survivor and anti-nuclear groups.

– Aurelio Iragorri Hormaza, Colombian politician and former senator.

2022.- The death of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

catholic saints

  • Nativity of Our Lady
  • Our Lady of Nuria
  • Saint Hadrian of Nicomedia
  • Saint Corbinian of Freising
  • Saint Isaac of Armenia
  • Saint Peter of Chavanon
  • Saint Sergius I pope
  • Blessed Adam Bargielski
  • Blessed Frederick Ozanam
  • Blessed Ismael Escorihuela Esteve
  • Blessed Ladislaus Bladzinsky
  • Blessed Marino Blanes Giner
  • Blessed Pascual Fortuño Almela
  • Blessed Salvador Mollar Ventura
  • Blessed Serafina Sforza

These were the ephemeris of this September 8 and the Catholic saints.

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Ephemeris of September 8: What is celebrated today in Mexico and the world?