Ethiopia proves the lie of the Nobel Peace Prize winners

Kenneth Rothexecutive director of the non-governmental organization Human Rights Watch (HRW), wrote in Foreign Policy that “The Ethiopian government’s stranglehold on humanitarian aid must end.” But it doesn’t end.


Ethiopia has already lost Eritrea and the exit to the Gulf of Aden. Now their territory can continue to shrink in wars and more domestic wars.

blood again

After 5 months of validity of the humanitarian truceon Wednesday 08/24 the fighting resumed in different areas of the Tigray border, between the separatist rebels of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Tigray (TPLF) vs. the federal government forces that respond to Abiy Ahmed.

the war returned days before the start of peace talks in Kenyasponsored by USA (USA) and the African Union (AU).

The TPLF seized a dozen tankers from the World Food Program (WFP) that were to be used for the distribution of vital humanitarian aid – in the region (province) of Tigray there is a famine, with 29% malnutrition in children and nearly 50% of the population severely food insecure – while the Ethiopian army launched massive attacks.

HRW affirms that the United Nations (UN), the United States (USA) and the African Union (AU) must stop the further escalation and lead the parties to negotiate a lasting agreement in the Horn of Africa region that has already caused thousands of deaths and 3 million displaced people in makeshift refugee camps in Sudan.

In a statement, the spokesman for the rebels, Getachew Redareported: “The Ethiopian federal forces launched an offensive early (Wednesday) morning around 05:00 (local time), we are defending our positions.”

Ahmed’s government, on an official visit to Algeria, accused the rebels of “Disregard the numerous peace offers made by the Ethiopian government to the Tigray forces, who broke the truce.”

The truce had allowed an increase in the arrival of humanitarian aid for the inhabitants of Tigray, who lack electricity, communications and banking services.


Abiy Ahmed Ali is popular in Addis Ababa.

Abiy Ahmed Ali is popular in Addis Ababa.

the ship

in FP, Kenneth Roth described the landscape he sees:

## “The first United Nations-chartered ship carrying Ukrainian grain, emerging from silos blocked by Russia’s full-scale invasion, docked in Djibouti on 08/30. The free passage of this shipment, bound for Ethiopia, followed concerted pressure from African governments on Russia, as well as UN-led negotiations But more diplomatic force is needed, including from African countries, to end the Ethiopian government’s nearly 2-year control over humanitarian assistance to the beleaguered Tigray region. Otherwise, many of the Ethiopians most at risk of famine are unlikely to benefit.”

## “Ethiopia is 1 of 6 countries that the UN has flagged as having people at risk of starvation. Millions in the south and east of the country are dealing with alarming levels of hunger and malnutrition due to one of the worst droughts in decades. The communities in the areas affected by the conflict in the north of the country depend on humanitarian assistance, but it is in the Tigray region, specifically, where a severe famine crisis has persisted for more than a year and could be reversed with government action. .”

## “Since the outbreak of war in Tigray in November 2020, Ethiopian forces and their allies have frequently violated the laws of war. They looted and attacked homes and civilian infrastructure — crimes that Tigrayan forces would later replicate in other regions. — while cutting off basic services and severely obstructing aid to civilians caught up in the fighting, authorities then imposed an effective siege on the entire region, excluding virtually all humanitarian assistance to civilians in violation of Ethiopian national law, international human rights and humanitarian law.”

## “During the first 8 months of the conflict, Ethiopian forces and their allies looted businesses, hospitals, banks, livestock and crops, leaving the region dependent on aid. The impact of this destruction has been devastating. It has prevented people from obtaining health care, food and other basic services, and has hampered the recovery of a health system broken by conflict For months, federal and regional forces blocked roads, making it almost impossible for private actors or humanitarian agencies to carry medical supplies or food. Supplies have dwindled to alarming levels.”


Tigray troops.

## “My organization, Human Rights Watch, spoke to doctors in February who had treated dozens of survivors of a deadly drone strike without access to intravenous fluids or protective gloves. A journalist who traveled to Tigray in late May and early June told us he said he saw “hunger everywhere.” In August, the UN warned that 1 in 3 Tigrayan children under the age of 5 is severely malnourished.”

## “The UN Security Council sought to address the extensive restrictions on aid and essential goods in the conflicts in Yemen and South Sudan by passing a resolution in 2018 condemning the unlawful denial of humanitarian aid and essential life-saving services. as a war strategy (…) however, in the face of flagrant violations of its own resolution on Ethiopia, the Security Council never sanctioned those most responsible for the illicit actions during the conflict. has included the ongoing siege in Tigray on its formal agenda.”

## “The concerted African diplomacy around the grain crisis in Ukraine and the Russian blockade stands in stark contrast to Africa’s inaction on Ethiopia in the Security Council. The three elected members representing the African Union in the Security Council ( Gabon, Ghana and Kenya, known collectively as A3) have repeatedly stalled any public debate on Ethiopia, allowing this blatant disregard for international norms to persist.”

How is it that Ahmed is still a Nobel Peace Prize winner? The situation is not only serious but also absurd because Norway’s preferences are inexplicable.


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Ethiopia proves the lie of the Nobel Peace Prize winners