Expert tells how Whiskey consumers have changed and gives 5 recipe ideas to surprise

Whiskey consumers today are more prepared than ever to drink one.

Whiskey has been considered for years one of the most praised liquors in the world, but it also gives a certain prestige to those who consume it.

The world of entertainment shows it as a drink consumed especially by men and women of successful companies, who usually drink it neat or with ice. But things have changed in recent years.

“Today we see an evolution of cocktails, we see a strong professionalization of the trade, people eager to learn and create, every day more people who decide to study this career,” says Gustavo Vocke, International bartender, specializing in signature cocktails and more than 19 years of experience in the industry.

Vocke is a Regional Brand Ambassador for Jack Daniel’s and these days he is in Chile to present the brand’s new launches and participate in the La Coctelera Festival. According to him, today “we meet consumers who have become great connoisseurs that drive us to surprise them, people who attend tastings, courses and masterclasses and are willing to try new flavors and innovative consumption options, for example smoked cocktails or eating with whiskey, a trend that is here to stay”.

Not to be left in the past, Vocke provides some ideal recipes for those who are starting to try whiskey in a different way:


Its preparation is simple, but with character, a tribute to Madame Tussaud’s Rock Circus.

– Method: Shaker
⦁ Presentation: Glass
⦁ Difficulty: medium

⦁ 2 oz of Whiskey (preferably Gentleman Jack Daniel´s)
⦁ 1 oz brown sugar syrup and Angostura bitters
⦁ Orange peel
⦁ Cinnamon stick for smoking

Directly in a cold glass add the ingredients until well blended, add ice and the orange peel. Light the cinnamon stick and cover until it fills with smoke, serve.


A preparation that breaks stereotypes, a tribute to one of the great women of rock “Janis Joplin”.

– Method: direct
⦁ Presentation: Tall glass
⦁ Difficulty: medium

⦁ 2 oz Whiskey
⦁ 1 oz lemon juice
⦁ 1 oz Chambord
⦁ Fill with ginger beer


In a glass or mug with ice, add Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 and lemon, fill with ginger beer, stir gently, decorate with lemon and a dash of Chambord. You can serve this cocktail slushy and at the end put a shot of Chambord on top.


A cocktail that is characterized by strength and fire, inspired by one of the most important groups in the world, who was also distinguished with the famous Polar Prize, better known as the “Nobel Prize of music”: Metallica.
⦁ Method: Direct
⦁ Presentation: Short glass
⦁ Difficulty: low

⦁ 2oz Whiskey
⦁ 2 oz grapefruit lemon juice
⦁ Fill with tonic


In a glass of your choice, add ice, Jack, the sour mix and the Premium tonic along with a slice of grapefruit, stir slightly and pour a cold 50ml bottle of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire.

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Expert tells how Whiskey consumers have changed and gives 5 recipe ideas to surprise