Facts that transformed thousands of lives

They may not be as popular or generate a great rating, they may not lead the trends in social networks, they may not sell the same in the media, in short; Positive news may not travel as often as negative news, but that doesn’t mean they can’t stop being shared. I think it is worth replicating information with transformative facts and valuable actions, to deal with the habit that feeds fatalism.

We live in a country with many challenges, but in which millions of people carry out actions every day that contribute to the well-being of their communities; a country where good things happen that deserve to be told.

Last year, for example, from the Rural Development Agency we led impact processes for rural producers. I want to share five:

1. We benefited 8,759 peasant families with 101 productive projects in which we invested more than $120,000 million. Beyond the number of initiatives, I think about the number of stories that we are changing and that excites me. Let me make specific reference to one of them because it has an animal preservation component that I would like to highlight: an indigenous community in Leticia decided to replace turtle hunting with its care and conservation, and now, hand in hand with the ADR and the Sinchi Institute , can sow, transform and market açaí.

2. True to our philosophy of “together for the countryside”, we joined forces with 18 departments and 210 municipalities to provide comprehensive technical assistance to more than 40,000 users and thus improve their production processes. We invested some $25,000 million for this purpose.

Additionally, we launched the public agricultural extension service with digital methodology, an initiative with which we will serve 150,000 farmers in the country. Using the Precision Agriculture for Development method, co-created by the 2019 Nobel Laureate in Economics Michael Kremer, and executed with very good results in countries such as Kenya, Pakistan and Canada; We will bring timely information on climate issues, fertilizer handling, pest management, pruning times, crop prices in the area, among others, through cell phones that do not have to be smart or have internet access, and mass media like radio.

3. We provided specialized advice on marketing issues to 9,000 producers from 178 agricultural associations in the country, who received training on production costs, agricultural marketing, exports, sustainability for competitiveness, associativity and digital literacy. This strategy also included the participation of the beneficiaries in commercial scenarios.

4. We linked 28,584 farmers to the great strategy of the National Government “Agriculture by Contract”, so that they can harvest and sell to the landlord. I will tell you about an experience about this: 18 families from the municipality of Achí, Bolívar, had a large quantity of squash dammed up. We managed to connect them with the commercial ally Megatiendas and they signed an agreement to sell them five tons a week.

5. And in addition to what is allocated in the General Budget, we manage resources for $35,000 million with international organizations and entities, to continue investing in our field.

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Facts that transformed thousands of lives