Fernandisco and Cariñena, “a pure symbiosis of emotions”

This Saturday, the popular radio DJ laid his hands on the Paseo de las Estrellas of the Cariñena Denomination of Origin and is already the fourteenth prominent character to have his cement vine leaf in this initiative launched in 2014, along with other names celebrities like David Trueba, Elvira Lindo, José Ramón de la Morena or Santiago Segura.

Fernandisco has highlighted that “the Vinos de las Piedras have been very strong on the national scene for years now because they are accompanied by painstaking care in production, as is also the case in Aragonese restaurants.”

The charismatic speaker first visited the Wine Museum and the headquarters of the Regulatory Council, where he signed the Denomination’s Golden Book. At 12 noon he has laid his hands on a cement plate in the shape of a vine leaf.

How does it feel to be part of the people who have shaped their hands on the Walk of Stars of the Cariñena Denomination of Origin?

As it cannot be otherwise, it is an honor for me. When my partner and brother of the soul Tony Miranda spoke to me with such affection about this proposal of the Cariñena Denomination, I could not abstract myself from the seduction of being in such a special place, where there are many good people: film directors, writers, actors… And I think the radio it is also a medium that deserves the same place and that it is important that it be within this Walk of Stars of the Cariñena Denomination of Origin. For me, adding my name is a real pleasure, that kind of thing that is never forgotten.

What do you think of this initiative, which emulates the Hollywood Walk of Fame and has already become a major tourist attraction?

I am very American in the way I communicate, so I like everything that has to do with the Hollywood walk. But here we also have very good things and Cariñena is a name that has a lot of power and a lot of energy. Those of us who dedicate ourselves to communication have to be aware of this type of thing, that there are names that do not have energy and others that do, such as the Paseo de las Estrellas in Cariñena. To say it you have to fill your mouth! And if the Americans have one, why shouldn’t we have it here?

Do you like wine culture?

I discovered the culture of wine late, but now I am a big fan. When I was young I didn’t drink wine, but you get older and one day you taste a glass and you get better. So when they offered me the possibility of having a selection from the Cariñena Denomination of Origin, I was very excited, because I believe that there are things that taste even better when you are emotionally united with them. I hope that from now on, Cariñena and I will be a pure symbiosis of emotions!

Fernandisco, at the Cariñena wine museum. DOC

What is your opinion of the wines of the Cariñena Denomination and its famous motto “El Vino de las Piedras”?

Cariñena wines have a lot to say and have been very strong on the national scene for years now because they are accompanied by painstaking care in production, which is evident in the Denomination of Origin and in all Aragonese restaurants. In the philosophy of El Vino de las Piedras, the concept of time is clearly perceived, as defined by the French writer Henri Bergson, Nobel Prize for Literature in 1927, as a vital impulse that sews the entire universe together. And the Protected Designation of Origin Cariñena has that. He is capable of paralyzing time to pamper the wines, give them all the love and make them slowly so that people can enjoy their culture and their essence; I think that’s the key to everything. And I would also put a soundtrack of Heroes of Silence, which always looks good.

During his stay in Cariñena he also opened the course ‘Radio and its protagonists’ organized by the Popular University of Cariñena with a ‘masterclass’. You, who have decades of experience and have marked a whole way of doing radio in Spain, what do you think of the current moment of music radio and coexistence with new applications or podcasts?

Radio always occupies a fantastic space in communication with people. Now, for me and my colleague Tony Miranda, Bom Radio4G is a different way of doing radio, general at times and also with music. It allows us to continue painting the same picture in a different way because we cannot forget that radio is now different and people, above all, want to have a good time, be entertained and escape from all the discomfort caused by the world’s behavior. As for music radio and platforms, everything has its place. The challenge for the radio is to communicate a lot and put on very good songs to connect with people emotionally, which is more difficult now because music used to have perhaps a little more cultural content than now. I think that people have to take into account the music of their time, although I am very eighties and very nineties. But the platforms have to coexist with music radios, like Bom Radio4G radio, which makes people have a good time and forget how things sometimes go wrong.

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Fernandisco and Cariñena, “a pure symbiosis of emotions”