For Patricia Bullrich, Cristina Kirchner’s message against Gerardo Milman is “a garbage video”

ROSARY BEADS.- Patricia Bullrichpresident of Pro, laid the first stone for formally build his presidential candidacy when leading this Thursday in Funes, a neighboring town to Rosario, a “federal meeting” of leaders of Together for Changewhose ultimate goal, according to the former Security Minister, is to polish a electoral strategy and to have by the end of the year the assembly of the teams and a political platform.

In the midst of political activity, which coordinated Albert Forighone of the men closest to Bullrich, slipped the public complaint from the vice president Cristina Kirchner vs. Gerardo Milman, who was Vice Minister of Security for the president of Pro. Milman, was denounced by a legislative adviser from the Front of All, who said he had heard him speak about the death of Cristina Kirchner two days before the September 1 attack. In the video released today by the vice president, he linked the national deputy to the attack and instructed his lawyers to recuse the judge of the case, Maria Eugenia Capuchetti.

“It’s the same thing that happened in the case of santiago maldonado. put together a story. That is why our teams are prepared to turn stories into truths. We are used to defending the truth, but what the vice president is aiming for is to get the judge (María Eugenia Capuchetti), who is an independent magistrate, out of the way,” Bullrich said.

In reference to the message that the vice president spread, the head of Pro said that it is about “a garbage video, a fake news and we are used to lies”.

The head of PRO only answered one question on this subject and then tried to concentrate on the meeting she led at the Altos de Ludueña property, where some 1,100 leaders from 22 provinces participated. “We are working to have a team ready and prepared to govern. Our goal is to have a general program by the end of the year and on that achieve the cohesion, deepening and detail that a government plan must have,” Bullrich said at the press conference after noon.

Patricia Bullrich in FunesMarcelo Manera – THE NATION

Senator was expected Alfredo Cornejo arrived during the afternoon, because he had a problem with his flight, that due to an unstable meteorological front, the plane was diverted to the Paraná airport. In the panels that were predefined for a long time, the topics economy and production, education, security, social and foreign policies were discussed.

deputies Luciano Laspina and Martin Tetaz they spoke by zoom, the first from the United States, and the second from Buenos Aires. Also by videoconference he gave a dissertation for the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2011, Thomas Sargentwho developed an essay on the inflation and the countries that were able to overcome this problem, such as Israel. To its turn, Frederic Sturzenegger contributed on deregulation policies, together with Dante Sika.

A strong impact caused among the participants the talk that he gave Gabriel DeRaedemaekervice president of the Argentine Rural Confederations (CRA), who said that agricultural producers “are going to be in danger of extinction”because in Argentina –according to his vision- there is a capacity to destroy agricultural production.

Along these lines, Bullrich then spoke about the subject of retentions and with a phrase that seemed to respond to Horacio Rodriguez Larreta –he said “whoever says that they are going to bring the withholdings to zero as a shock, don’t believe them”-, the president of Pro stated: “They are going to believe me”.

Patricia Bullrich in Funes
Patricia Bullrich in FunesMarcelo Manera – THE NATION

“We are making a calculation, that if one replaces unproductive taxes such as withholdings with a reasonable tax such as the Income Tax, the farm will invest,” explained Bullrich, who believed that in this way “the producer will invest more in tractors, fertilizers, biogenetics, trucks, more consumption in the towns and in companies to help the countryside”.

The security chapter also had a preponderant place when the meeting was carried out near Rosario. “In this city there is a parallel state of the narco that manages the Rule of Law“, he claimed. She said that if she is president, a plan to send federal forces will be outlined and that if that alternative is not enough, in a second stage she will promote changes in the defense law to transfer the armed forces to Rosario.

“We will use the armed forces for the cordons and the disarmament that Rosario needs. But let the people of Rosario know that we entered with full force to liberate them from the drug-trafficking state that rules this province today,” he added.

In his turn, the Mendoza Lysander Nieri He referred to the economic aspects that Bullrich and his team of advisers have in mind and pointed out that “Patricia was talking about security and that applies to the economy. They did nothing about what this government received three years ago. They have deteriorated every indicator that we see, they multiplied the fiscal deficit by five, doubled inflation, there were dollars and there are no more. The fiscal and economic situation in Argentina is dramatic and requires concrete actions and there will not be much time for analysis”.

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For Patricia Bullrich, Cristina Kirchner’s message against Gerardo Milman is “a garbage video”