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The intimate life of Nobel Prize winner Annie Ernaux

The years of Super 8, in filming

Still from ‘The Super 8 Years’

It is an absolute delight to listen to the sweet voice of annie ernaux throughout the footage of The Super 8 years. Her family videos, her exotic trips, the daily life of home recorded in the 70s by her ex-husband Philippe Ernaux acquire a new meaning when observed from a distance by the French writer, recently Nobel Prize.

The Super 8 Years is the story of the timid birth of one of the best writers of the 20th century. Also, the chronicle of the dissolution of a marriage, of chronic dissatisfaction, of a void only alleviated by the clandestine need to write.

The best portrait of the millennial generation

Low Cost Generation, in Movistar Plus+

Low Cost Generation
Low Cost Generation
Movistar Plus +

A flight attendant for a low cost airline. It is not Ryan Air but as if it were. It even has the same distinctive colors. For much of the footage we follow this low-cost flight crew member played by a superb Adele Exarchopoulos in his nihilistic flight forward between stopovers, airports, nights in Lanzarote and insolent drunk passengers.

Presented at the Cannes Critics Week, Low Cost Generation –infamous title that disservice does the original, Rien a foutre – is probably the best portrait of the millennial generation seen to date. Nihilism, uprooting, fierce detachment from the emotional and tons of job insecurity.

Barbara Lennie, the definitive femme fatale of Spanish cinema

The crooked lines of God, in Netflix

Image from 'The crooked lines of God'
Image from ‘The crooked lines of God’

In this house we are not too fans of the cinema of oriol paulo although we fully understand the phenomenon. However, and perhaps because of the childish affection that we do profess to the novel that it adapts, The crooked lines of God It seems to us his most worthy film to date.

Who does not know the history of Alice Gould, detective infiltrated a psychiatric hospital to solve a crime committed there a long time ago? Or is she perhaps an alienated person who has sought an alibi so as not to face the fact that she is as sick as the rest of her classmates?

Torcuato Luca de Tena He wrote this classic of school readings after infiltrating a mental institution himself. More than 40 years later, oriol paulo trust in Barbara Lennie to play the definitive femme fatale of Spanish cinema. And beware, the Goya still wins.

Why do we talk so little about Rob Reiner?

Revealing the truth in Prime Video

unveiling the truth
unveiling the truth
Amazon Prime Video

I have been writing a report on At Discover, the film that tells how two journalists from New York Times exposed the abuses of Harvey Weinstein. This has made me remember some recent titles on investigative journalism and, above all, one that went unnoticed at its premiere and that I was able to see thanks to my father-in-law, a journalist with a long career and a genuine cinephilia that does not escape him. No hidden gems on the platforms.

unveiling the truth count how The Knight Ridder, news agency and conglomerate of local newspapers now defunct, was the only medium that questioned, with a precise and courageous investigation, the decision of the US Government to invade Iraq in 2003 due to the alleged existence of weapons of mass destruction.

It is curious that such an interesting film, so well directed (more Rob Reiner, please!) and with the cast that it has –since Tommy Lee Jones, Woody Harrelson, Milla Jovovich, Jessica Biel- It was not even released in theaters in Spain and that it continues to be so unknown.

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Four recommendations on Netflix, Prime Video, Filmin and Movistar Plus+