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For this 2022, in Chile interesting titles are expected in bookstores. Within the national names, for January 25 the world launch of purple, the new novel by Isabel Allende, via Plaza & Janés. In its pages, Allende will tell the story of a woman born in 1920, who will see the great events of the century from her particular point of view. From the effects of the Spanish flu, through the Great Depression, the world wars, the struggle for women’s rights, the rise and fall of tyrants, and of course not one, but two pandemics.

Another interesting novelty will be that of Diego Zúñiga. The man from Iquique will premiere his third novel by Random House Literature, successor to Cluster (2014), although for now without a definitive title and without a stipulated release date. It is set in 1971, in Iquique, and is the story of a Chilean who manages to be crowned underwater hunting world champion, but after such a feat, his life collapses.

Also, for March the book is expected The stormy border relationship between Chile and Argentinaby William Parvex.

The psychoanalyst and writer Constanza Michelson will publish make the night, via Paidos. Similarly, via Seix Barral, the writer María José Ferrada will publish japan diary.

A classic that will be back twice is Carlos Droguett. This 2022 a book will be released about his figure written by Álvaro Bisama, just as he did at the time about Pablo de Rokha; in addition, via La Pollera Ediciones will be presented My ignorance has excuses: Chronicles of homeland, poverty and world war, which brings together his columns published between 1940 and 1950 on national and international issues.

And like Droguett, by Pedro Lemebel there will also be a novelty this year. The writer Óscar Contardo will launch a biography of the author of the corner is my heart titled crazy strong, via UDP Editions.

We can also highlight an interesting volume called Story of the Lieutenant Nun, memoirs of Catalina de Erauso, via Banda Propia Editoras, which includes the essay Call it Erausoby Lina Meruane. This book rescues the story of the 17th century Spanish nun who pretended to be a man to fight against the Mapuche in the Arauco War.

Other interesting titles: the biography of Mariana Callejas, by Juan Cristóbal Villalobos, to be published by Ediciones UDP; essay the voice of the children, by Alejandra Costamagna, via USACH Editions.

In poetry, we can highlight the volume homeless station, Enrique Lihn, who will dispatch Alquimia Ediciones; So you do not forget me, an anthology by Óscar Castro, from Ediciones U. de Valparaíso.

From Isabel Allende to Michel Houellebecq the essential books of

On the international side, in March it will be in the country What I mean, the last book translated into Spanish by the late Joan Didion, a collection of her first articles and chronicles with the gaze of the “witness narrator”, very much in the key of the so-called New journalism. Thus, Didion recounts the adventures of Orwell, Hemingway, Mapplethorpe, Nancy Reagan, anonymous Gamblers Anonymous.

In addition, another of the volumes of the Nobel Prize for Literature 2021, the Tanzanian Abdulzarak Gurnah, will arrive, Seaside, via Salamander. It is the story of a man, Saleh Omar, who – like Gurnah himself – flees his homeland, to arrive at Gatwick airport with a false passport. Located later in a coastal city, he begins to review his life. For now, Gurnah can already be read Paradise.

Another prominent name is Siri Hustvedt. It will arrive in Chile Mothers, fathers & others, her acclaimed volume of feminist essays that will be published in Spanish by Seix Barral. In them, he moves between the personal stories of his mother, grandmother and daughter along with that of his references: Jane Austen, Emily Brontë and Lousie Bourgeois. It addresses the meanings of the maternal in a culture shaped by misogyny and fantasies of paternal authority.

From Spain, Javier Cercas will arrive with his novel Bluebeard’s castle, via Tusquets, a kind of continuation of his previous volume, Independence, because we meet again with Melchor Marín, its protagonist who now faces the disappearance of his teenage daughter.

Por Anagrama will arrive in August perhaps the most anticipated book of the year: the translation into Spanish of the latest novel by Frenchman Michel Houellebecq, which in his native country is called Anéantir. It still does not have an official name in our language. It is a narrative of political fiction, in the France of 2027 post Macron. It is about three stories that take place in the period of a year and that has a certain connection with his previous work called Submission.

The Catalan house will also publish the tetralogy of books Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer, by the Norwegian Karl Ove Knausgård, in which he returns to autofiction narrating the adventures of his family nucleus marked by the separation from fellow writer Linda Boström. Although, as he assured El País, he has already terminated it.

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The late Patricia Highsmith will be in the shop windows with the edition –via Anagrama– of her diaries. In addition, Ediciones UDP will release Suspense, an essay where the Texas native explains how to write a suspense novel.

In the national independent publishers there will also be news with authors from abroad. Broken Woman Books will publish the novel the other daughter, by the prominent French author Annie Ernaux, in a translation by the national writer Galo Ghigliotto.

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Anne Carson will also be in the windows, with Antigonik, a new version of a Greek classic, by La Pollera Ediciones, with a translation by Bernardita Bolumburu. In addition, with the same publisher it will come out The mystery of artistic creation, conferences and artist profiles by Stefan Zweig, which until now was not available in Spanish, with translation by Pola Iriarte.

Alquimia Ediciones will publish a volume of poetry by the legendary Antonin Artaud called Artaud drifts.

As for South Americans: Camila Sosa Villada, perhaps the literary phenomenon of Argentina in recent years with The evil ones, this year will publish the novel I’m a fool for loving you, via Tusquets. For his part, the Brazilian Lima Barreto, one of the good writers of his country, will be published with Hospice Diary, via Montacerdos. This is an author who has been little translated into Spanish.

The Uruguayan Fernanda Trías, recent Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz 2021 Award, will hit the shelves with the novel the invincible city, edition that will include the unpublished essay in own name. This by Banda Propia Editoras.

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From Isabel Allende to Michel Houellebecq: the essential books of 2022 – La Tercera