From lunches with businessmen to a tour of the United States | Patricia Bullrich and her intention to be a presidential candidate of the PRO

What would a government with Patricia Bullrich as president look like? She certainly imagines it and even some of the main businessmen in the country were interested in knowing the answer to that question. The president of the PRO met with some of the main businessmen that make up the Argentine Business Association (AEA). She was accompanied to the meeting by deputy Luciano Laspina, whom she introduced as her economic reference and detailed his presidential project. The president of the PRO is already on tour in the United States with the same idea of ​​establishing herself as the pre-candidate of the PRO and disputing that place with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, whom she accused of cutting off all dialogue with her.

Bullrich is doing all the homework of a right-wing presidential candidate so that the local and international establishment considers her a serious alternative for 2023. If, on the one hand, she seeks to contest the votes of Javier Milei’s extreme right, on the other she designs cabinets in the shadows, she is greeted by blue-chip businessmen and even the US ambassador, Mark Stanley.

As revealed by the journalist Ivan Schargrodsky, Bullrich had a meeting with the priests of AEA. Among those who heard -lunch in between- his presidential project and the economic details provided by Laspina, were Hector Magnetto, Luis Pagani, Carlos Braun, Paolo Rocca. From the business entity, meanwhile, they tried to maintain that they were meetings that will be repeated with other potential candidates, but they could not give another name of a leader who they have received in the same way.

It is not the first time that Bullrich has managed to be heard by the local establishment. A few months ago, in Uruguay, the president of the PRO spoke about her presidential project before some 40 businessmen at the Enjoy Punta del Este hotel. While they tasted a bondiola with barbecue, the industrial, rural and laboratory entrepreneurs listened to the guidelines of the future candidate for the economy, withholdings and education. Of course: they asked to reserve their names.

to the motherland

According to rumors in the PRO, Bullrich had been cursing the possibility of Larreta organizing international trips to position his candidacy, both in the United States and in Europe. That’s why heThe president of the PRO made her own trip different from that of the head of government, she participated in a paid lunch with Bill Clinton. In the surroundings of the leaders, they made it clear that there would be no photos with former presidents.

Instead, Bullrich began his trip with a tour of Silicon Valley, where he toured the facilities of Meta (the company that controls Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp).

On Monday he traveled to New York, where he met with American businessmen and had a meeting with the Department of Economics at the University of Columnia. Along the same lines, on Tuesday she had a talk with a Nobel laureate in economics, Tom Sargent. She will continue tomorrow with a flight to Washington DC, where she will have meetings at the Department of State and the Treasury, which were polished in a meeting prior to the trip that she had with the United States ambassador to Argentina, Marc Stanley.

“Very satisfied after the important meeting with the new US ambassador to ArgentinaMarc Stanley, with whom we analyzed the future of the bilateral relationship, our vision of the war in Ukraine and the defense of the democratic system in the world,” Bullrich wrote after that meeting.

His trip continues on Thursday with a breakfast at the Chamber of Commerce, he also has meetings with the Council of Americas and the National Security Council. On Friday he will go to the Kellogs School Northwestern University to give a lecture on “Improbable conversations for a possible Argentina” and on Saturday (because, according to what people around him say, he has decided to take advantage of every second of the trip) he will travel to Chicago, a destination not so habitual in the tours of Argentine presidential candidates. There he will go to University of Chicago -hotbed of the Chicago boy’s, followers of the neoliberal Milton Friedman- will join another Nobel laureate in Economics, James Heckman.

Cabinet in the shadows

The meetings with businessmen and the tour of the United States are two of the tasks that Bullrich is giving himself to get to the PASO of 2023 in the best possible way and face the other candidates of Together for Change. He also showed a kind of “shadow cabinet”, a group of leaders who could occupy key positions in an eventual government of her.

In that meeting – which Bullrich baptized “Government Policies and Teams” – were Laspina (Economy), Federico Pinedo (who is mentioned as a possible chancellor), the former Secretary of Energy Emilio Apud, the lawyer Silvina Martínez and the former Minister of Education of Carlos Menem Susana Decibe. For Economy, Bullrich also flirts with the idea of ​​adding Carlos Melconianwho said about it: “I take it as an honorthat a politician in Argentina with chances of being president as is the case of Patricia, pay attention to the possibility that one accompanies as minister “.

Showing a government team is part of Bullrich’s strategy of installing it as a “serious” option, as well as presenting his own political line in the province of Buenos Aires, with his own candidate for governor, who could be the Mayor Javier Iguacelwho seems willing to compete with Diego Santilli.

There are also those who fantasize about the idea of ​​completing the formula with a radical. In a television report, the senator was asked Alfredo Cornejo if he would agree to go in a formula with her and answered: “Yes, why not?”. However, Cornejo still maintains his intentions to lead a formula.

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From lunches with businessmen to a tour of the United States | Patricia Bullrich and her intention to be a presidential candidate of the PRO