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In the ninth month of the Moscow aggression against Kyiv. Unfortunately, the homeland of the generous Amartiya Sen, the economist nobe prizeHe, the apostle of tolerance and dialogue, has been sliding down a dangerous slide for several years. Two years before the general elections, the party in power, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, multiplies the offensive against Muslims who form the main minority of the subcontinent, a minority of 190 million people, 14 percent of the population. To the extent that “Muslims are confronted with an uncertain future, with the disturbing feeling that they have a target fixed on their shoulders”, in the words of asim ali, researcher at the Center for Policy Research in New Delhi.

The BJP, with 180 million members, is the political arm of a formidable nationalist organization, created in 1925 on the Italian fascist model; known by its acronym RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh). RSS is everywhere with its schools, unions, media, in India and in the diaspora. preach a ideologyHindutva, which calls for a purely Hindu, with a single language (Hindi), a single religion, Hinduism. Muslims and Christians are not Indians because their religions, born far from India, threaten national identity. Despised for many years, Hindutva established itself as the dominant ideology with the rise to power of Narendra Modi in 2014. Modi was trained by RSS from the age of 8 and his re-election in 2019 accelerated the slide down the “Hinduization” slide. of the great country He adopted and enforced a series of laws that discriminate against Muslims and Christians and the worst is yet to come.

Symbolically, RSS, its party and the government are threatening a series of famous mosques because, says the head of RSS, “Islam came here with the invader. At the time of the invasion, they destroyed our temples to demoralize those who fought for the freedom of our country.” Concretely, this translates into a series of actions to achieve the destruction of a number of mosques, arguing that they were built on the ruins of the temples in the 17th century. Thus of the Gyanvapi Mosque in the holy city of Benares, built after the destruction of the temple of the “Lord of the world” Shiva. Narendra Modi said, in December 2021, that “Lord Shiva chose me to fulfill this mission.” In various parts of the country, Hindus are calling for the ruin of the mosque and the building of a temple, as happened between 1992 and 2021: in 1992, fanatics destroyed the Ayodhya mosque, arguing that it was the work of the conqueror Babur, supposedly on the ruins of a temple dedicated to Rama. In 2019, the Supreme Court allowed the construction of a temple on the site of the mosque, a decision welcomed by Modi. Today, even the world famous Taj Mahal It is claimed by the Hindus…

We must not forget that the violent destruction of 1992 caused the death of thousands of people in community clashes. The government calmly disregards one of the fundamental laws of democratic India, the one of 1991 (What an irony! One year before the disaster) that prohibits the religious change of a place of worship and requires its maintenance in the situation of 1947, to the time of the partition of the Indies, in India and Pakistan. The BJP put repeal of the law on its agenda and last year the Supreme Court upheld its appeal to examine its validity. The desire to erase the historical and architectural presence of Islam in the past threatens its existence in India today. The serious thing is that this offensive does not respond to the sole will of some leaders, but finds a national, popular dimension. For Asim Asli, the violence has taken the form of decentralized collective actions, the work of millions of modest people and also by unemployed youth “who release themselves psychologically by brandishing swords and dancing to community chants.” (Le Monde, July 3).

Historian at CIDE

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fundamentalist india