Gabriel Boric refused to speak about the INE in the Senate: “It is not my place to get involved”

Gabriel Boric refused to speak about the INE in the Mexican Senate

The Chilean President, gabriel boric Fontvisited the Senate of the Republic in Mexico and refused to mention his position regarding the electoral reform that the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) ordered, in which a renewal to the National Electoral Institute (INE).

During his speech, the opposition groups asked, through shouts, that he take a position on the Mexican electoral authority by pointing out that “the INE does not touch itself”, since it was talking about the need to strengthen democracy in Latin America, despite the internal differences that may exist within the countries.

Before which, the politician stopped his dissertation and indicated to the Mexican legislators that he would not give any position on the matter because he, as president of another nation, It is not for him to get involved in national issues.

“It’s not up to me, Senator. It is not for me to get involved in internal politics”, he expressed from the plenary session of the Paseo de la Reforma legislative compound this Thursday, November 24.

The President of Chile visited the Senate of the Republic in Mexico (Twitter/@gabrielboric)
The President of Chile visited the Senate of the Republic in Mexico (Twitter/@gabrielboric)

Likewise, when beginning his participation in the solemn session that was held in his honor, the Chilean president recalled the ties that unite his nation with Mexico, for which he recalled the beginning of the 20th century when Gabriela Mistralwinner of the 1945 Nobel Prize in Literature, was summoned by José Vasconcelos to promote the public education system.

Union that has been maintained over the decades, as it pointed out that interculturality among the peoples of Chile and Mexico is consolidated through the new ways of disseminating messages, in this regard, he highlighted that in the country of the southern cone of America digital content from Mexico is consumed, as well as in the North American country programs such as 31 minutes.

He also remembered the solidarity that Mexican society had with the victims of the coup d’état perpetrated by the military elite in 1973, since the Mexican territory extended its arms to receive the exiles of the Pinochet dictatorship.

“When democracy was stripped of our country by blood and fire, Mexico not only received those who were forced and forced to leave the country, but also made systematic efforts for international recognition and condemnation of the violation of human rights,” he expressed to applause.

Boric visited the Mexican Senate (Senate of the Republic)
Boric visited the Mexican Senate (Senate of the Republic)

However, prior to his speech he was received with a banner of support for the group Plural Parliamentarian. The welcome message alluded to his position on the situation of the Nicaraguan dictatorship when condemning human rights violations in that country. According to the Mexican senators, the Chilean president “does not protect murderers” as he allegedly President Andrés Manuel López Obrador does.

“Boric does not protect murderers in Nicaragua like AMLO”

One of the senators who participated in the reception of the Chilean president was Senator Emilio Alvarez Icaza Longoria, who pointed out that the dictator of Nicaragua, José Daniel Ortega Savedra, has violated human rights, in addition to the fact that these actions have been with the “complacency of López Obrador.”

“In Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega has not hesitated to murder and violate human rights with the complacency of López Obrador and his government. Foreign policy is a shame. We must break relations with Nicaragua. Mexico was an example of solidarity, ”exposed the senator on his Twitter account along with the video of him receiving Gabriel Boric.


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Gabriel Boric refused to speak about the INE in the Senate: “It is not my place to get involved”