Galapagar presents the campaign “Discover the People’s Nobel Prize” on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Jacinto Benavente’s Nobel Prize for Literature –

On the 100th anniversary of the awarding of the Nobel Prize for Literature to Jacinto Benavente, the dissemination campaign “Discover the People’s Nobel Prize” was presented in Galapagar.

Today, Wednesday 26, the campaign «Discover the Nobel of the people«, to spread the figure of Jacinto Benavente among the citizens of Galapagar. During the presentation, the mayor of Galapagar, Alberto Gómez; the Councilor for Culture, Rosa María Encontres; the coordinator of the Ricardo León Library, Marina Cuervo; the president of the NGO Acervo Intergeneracional, Mª Luisa Forniés; and the volunteer of the NGO and graphic designer of the campaign, Francisco Marín.

On November 9, 2022, it will be one hundred years since the notification of the award of the Nobel Prize for Literature to Jacinto Benavente. A month later, on December 10, the award would be officially presented, although not to the author, who was on a theatrical tour of America.

For this reason, The Galapagar City Council, the Ricardo León Municipal Library and the NGO Acervo Intergeneracional have launched the campaign “Discover the Nobel Prize of the people”, whose objective is to promote the local dissemination of the figure and the cultural heritage of Jacinto Benavente in the population of Galapagar.

Jacinto Benavente, resident of Galapagar

«Jacinto Benavente received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1922, when he had already been residing seasonally in Galapagar for years. It is known that he wrote part of his work in the shelter of tranquility and possible inspiration that our people and our people offered him, ”they explain from the Consistory.

The author, to whom Galapagar has already dedicated a monument, a theater, a school for Early Childhood and Primary Education, and a Cultural Year, lived in the municipality until shortly before his death in 1954. his express wish:shrouded in sackcloth of a Franciscan monk, a rose and a cross”, as stated on the plaque installed at the entrance to the cemetery.

To these tributes will be added the facilities of an informative monolith, together with the author’s monument in the Plaza de la Iglesia de Galapagar, and commemorative medallions at the entrances to the City Hall, the Ricardo León Municipal Library, and the “La Pocilla” Cultural Center. headquarters of the Jacinto Benavente Theater in Galapagar.

Commemorative medallion at the entrance to the Library*

Remembering Jacinto Benavente every year and every day

Since 2016, the year in which Galapagar named Jacinto Benavente Adoptive Son of the town, the NGO Acervo Intergeneracional, in collaboration with the City Council, has been offering a tribute to the memory of the playwright. A reminder that, every July 14, commemorates his death with the reading of fragments of his work next to his tomb in the El Chopo Cemetery. This custom recovers the one followed by his friends and relatives more than half a century ago.

«In the feeling of Galapagar is that Jacinto Benavente deserves a greater presence and closeness to the inhabitants of the municipality. Thus, With this campaign, the aim is to bring his image, his feelings and his thoughts to the streets»say the organizers.

“And not only in the streets of the municipality: travelers who circulate between Galapagar and other towns in the northwest of Madrid will have news of the event through the advertising displayed on the intercity buses of the collaborating company Julián de Castro and the CanalBus micro-ads in its fleet”, they add.

1666792839 852 Galapagar presents the campaign Discover the Peoples Nobel Prize onJulián de Castro intercity bus with campaign posters*

Also the informative digital screens of the municipality will exhibit some of their most famous aphorisms.

1666792839 982 Galapagar presents the campaign Discover the Peoples Nobel Prize onCampaign on municipal information screens (Mupies)*

Y from the Library will be offered the opportunity to learn more about its legacy and link with Galapagar, through its collections and activities, such as the conference on November 21 «Jacinto Benavente: a reference in the theater of the 20th century», in charge of Luisa Turell (Hispanic philologist and professor of Literature). Admission will be free until the permitted capacity is completed.

Collaboration of local business

Supporting the initiative the departments of Commerce and Culture of the Galapagar City Councilwith the participation of the 1523 Merchants Association, Small Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed of Galapagar will distribute an adhesive poster for the doors and shop windows of the establishmentsas well as municipal buildings and educational centers of the town.

1666792839 684 Galapagar presents the campaign Discover the Peoples Nobel Prize onVinyl for shop windows of the town*

In addition, a space dedicated to this campaign on the municipal website in which you can find a lot of information about the figure of Jacinto Benavente. Likewise, through the social networks of the Galapagar City Council, Some of his aphorisms will be published and the events that take place on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Prize of our adoptive son will be promoted.

In this way, the objective of disseminating between Galapagueños and Galapagueños the relationship between Jacinto Benavente and his town, Galapagar, will be completed, highlighting not only the figure of one of our most illustrious writers but also that of the municipality that welcomed him and where the author chose to spend his days and rest eternally.

«It is a luxury to have a Nobel Prize winner in Galapagar. Jacinto Benavente is a figure that we must promote from our municipality so that everyone knows the author and what he represents for the history of Spain.», declared the mayor of Galapagar, Alberto Gómez.


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Galapagar presents the campaign “Discover the People’s Nobel Prize” on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Jacinto Benavente’s Nobel Prize for Literature –