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Today I want to talk about culture. About the difference between gang culture and human culture and why we are called to build a true culture. One that inspires, unifies and transcends.

Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize in Economics 1976, said that “the business of business is business” that is, that the purpose of business is to do business.

And yes, at that time, businessmen had been convinced that the purpose of business was to extract the maximum value from the system, generating the maximum dividends for investors.

Just like I remember one night, after a political marketing event that we organized, having a drink with a prominent political leader, asking him, And what is the purpose of politics? And he, with an alcoholic odor, whispers in my ear the deepest call of his work, power, power, POWER!

And both testimonies are not only a reflection of the past, but a reflection of the worldview that many power groups still hold today.

And that is why today I invite you to analyze with me the differences between the principles that exist between a toxic culture and a purposeful culture. Between a culture based on division, selfishness, fear and dishonesty, that is, a win-lose culture, and a culture based on human values, reciprocity, inclusion, transcendence and love, that is, a win-win culture

And one wonders, if the gang culture is so harmful, why is it so widespread?

The problem is that the culture of gandallez is, in a certain way, simpler than human culture. She simply requires you to see the world, nature and people as something to win over, manipulate and exploit. While in human culture you need to see how to generate real, deep and lasting value for all stakeholders, in an economically efficient way. Undoubtedly, a much more complex proposal.

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And yet, it is worth the effort!

Gandalla culture is leading us to ruin. To the ruin of relationships. To the ruin of nature. And to the ruin of dignity.

This is the time to assume our greatness. To build instead of destroy. That love, unity and hope be the engine of development.

Let’s start by learning to love ourselves. To love our body, our mind and our spirit. And to see people and nature not as loot to be exploited and discarded, but as the foundation of human endeavor. Understand that our mission is to generate more value than what we extract from the system. To give until it hurts and to demand reciprocity in justice.

Likewise, you have to be open, curious and creative. As Leonardo da Vinci said, “he who creates without taking into account nature, the teacher of teachers, works in vain.” And he was absolutely right. Nature integrates diversity without waste, and with elegance, transforms it into evolution.

To close, allow me to share a pearl of wisdom from the teacher Mahatma Gandhi, “he who takes more than he needs is a thief. “Hard but true. Accumulating beyond the needs of our family is a vice of pride. An act of the ego that leads to the destruction of value.

So, it’s time to stop the madness. Eradicate the gang culture from our work and work together to give our daughters and sons a better world than the one we received.

It is the time of businessmen and civil associations. Because in the face of so much turbulence in the environment, we are the only ones who can right the ship.

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gang culture