Guadaqué – The poet and writer Paco Marquina has passed away

Like a blow, the death of the poet and writer Paco Marquina today received the command of culture in Guadalajara and in much of the world today, January 7, 2022.

Paco Marquina (Madrid, 1937 – Guadalajara, 2022) He was a biologist and journalist, poet and essayist, lecturer and cultural entrepreneur, he is fundamentally known for his poetic activity, in which he has written and published multiple works, with important qualified awards.

This author deals primarily with poetic creation, which can undoubtedly be described as one of the most relevant and personal Castilian poets of today. In his poetry, in well-measured word and rhythm, the minimum is valued, the magic is made familiar and he plays to perpetuate the ephemeral, pointing in its texture the inevitable heterodoxy of all passionate creation. He is the winner, for various poems and articles, of the “Cátedra Ramiro de Maeztu” awards from the Institute of Hispanic Culture (1968), “Ramón González Alegre” (1973), “Gálvez de Montalvo” for poetry (1974), “Camilo José Cela »of traveling narration (1974),« José de Juan García »of journalism (1976),« Aldebarán »of poetry (1973),« Ricardo Molina »(1982), and“ Tardor ”(2011) of Poetry, in Castellón , for his work “Letters to deshora”.

In his abundant literary production, in addition to articles in the Madrid and Alcarrian press, his works stand out: Present body, Adolescent Chronicle, Liber usualis, From the rain, Moral Poems and Pavana for a fulfilled love, of poetry. In prose, his works are especially noteworthy. Birth and youth of the Ungría river, Guide to the castles of Guadalajara, Y Alcarria Travel Guide.
Knowledgeable in depth of the work of Camilo José Cela, he has recently written an extraordinary biography of the Nobel Prize: Cela, masculine singular (Plaza & Janés / Dario 16), a real joy to read. After the death of the Nobel Prize, he wrote his great biography, Portrait of Camilo José Cela, edited by the Society of Spanish and Spanish-American Studies. University of Colorado at Boulder (USA), 2005, 622 pages + 12 plates out of text.

Francisco García Marquina had been studying the work of Cela, and especially its relationship with the land of Guadalajara. That is why in the book Alcarria Travel Guide all the spirit that Cela captured in her first Voyage, and that now revives, in the traces of landscapes, characters and attitudes, is neatly dense fifty years later. It is a work in which its author has undoubtedly managed to reveal many of the reasons why Cela made this trip, and how she did it, following the trail of its most characteristic characters, of which he gives reason, along with dozens of curious photos. This is the work that García Marquina has edited in Aache, and which clearly marks his capacity for literary essay around another book / another trip. He is currently a columnist for “La Tribuna de Guadalajara” where every Sunday his particular vision of the world serves us.

On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Camilo José Cela (Iria Flavia, 1916), his biographer Francisco García Marquina, has delved into the figure of the Nobel Prize, and has completed his study with a perfect biography, in which he combines the news of his life (which at times reaches the qualification of adventurous and surprising) with the analysis of his work. Thus, this book can be considered “CELA. Portrait of a Nobel Prize winner” by García Marquina as the fundamental and essential work to know all that is sought about the life and work of the great Spanish writer.
Subsequently, he has produced an interesting book of essays, around a common theme, “Cela’s Spain“, in which over 76 short writings he analyzes in depth the relationship that the Nobel Prize winner Cela had with Spain and its people.

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Guadaqué – The poet and writer Paco Marquina has passed away