Guerra received the rector of the UNLAR in the Senate of the Nation – Parliamentary

The legislator received details about the nomination of the Riojan cardiologist Luis “Matatín” de la Fuente as a candidate for the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

The national senator Ricardo Guerra received in his office the rector of the National University of La Rioja, Fabian Calderon, who provided details about the Riojan cardiologist’s application Luis “Matatín” de la Fuente as a candidate for Nobel Prize in Medicine. During the talk, the legislator expressed his endorsement of the nomination and promised to work to achieve the institutional support of the National Senate.

At the end of the meeting, the head of the High House of Studies stated that “we are looking for the guarantees to promote a candidacy that has to do with the trajectory of dr. de la Fuente, with its acknowledgments, with the commitment to public healthWith his career as a university teacher, he is Doctor Honoris Causa of our University, among many other outstanding merits ”.

In addition, Calderón considered “he is a world-renowned Riojan, a prestigious professional that makes Argentines and especially Riojans proud, and that is why we want to promote this initiative. This also occurs within the framework of the fiftieth anniversary of our University, which adds one more element to such a momentous event”.

For his part, Guerra stressed that “we have had the pleasure of receiving the Rector of the University of La Rioja, who presented me with a resolution of the Board of Directors nominating dr. de la Fuente, ‘Matatín’, as we affectionately know him, to the Nobel Prize in Medicine. It is a very high honor for me as a Riojan that a person from our province, with his knowledge and performance, is a candidate for such an important recognition worldwide”.

It should be remembered that the proposal for the nomination came from the Superior Council of the University of La Rioja by considering dr. Luis de la Fuente “hero of the province” in terms of health. Among the innumerable fundamentals, we can highlight being an internationally recognized doctor for being the world pioneer in invasive cardiology (since 1962), interventional cardiology (in 1965) and biointerventional cardiology (1999). In addition, it has more than 400 scientific articles published in specialized magazines and more than 50 awards. He was also a direct collaborator of dr. René Favaloro, with whom he founded the Instituto Modelo de Cardiología in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires

The doctor. Luis de la Fuente is 89 years old and had already been nominated in 2005 for the Nobel Prize by Stanford University, California, United States. In this sense, it is worth noting that the University Hospital of that city gave the go-ahead to carry out the application project for the current candidacy.

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Guerra received the rector of the UNLAR in the Senate of the Nation – Parliamentary