Guido Girardi in the prelude to the Future Congress: “The virtual era is making all institutions obsolete”

Between January 17 and 21, and under the slogan “Learning to Live Together”, a new edition of Future Congress, an event of scientific dissemination that will have the presence of four Nobel Prize winners and around 80 personalities specialized in science, humanities and art.

The new ways of living, communicating and facing problems as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic will be part of the themes that will be addressed this year by the contest, organized by the Future Meetings Foundation (FEF) and Senate Future Challenges Commission. The president of the latter entity, Senator Guido Girardi (PPD), spoke with CHV News to provide details on this new version.

“What we are experiencing is an era of change and the Future Congress, in a way, wants to help understand the transformation processes that human beings are experiencing. Humanity has never had such an accelerated process of transformations“, The parliamentarian began saying.

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In this sense, Girardi argued that the world is currently experiencing the fourth industrial revolution, which would be directly related to artificial intelligence: “It is transforming everything, modifying everything. The virtual age is making all institutions, the media, politics, everything obsolete. The fifth revolution is going to come now, with the immersive phenomena, with the metaverses. We are going to live in a world of avatars, totally virtual ”.

He even claimed that there could be a sixth revolution. “It will come very later, which is the colonization of space, specifically Mars in 2030“, He asserted.

Guido Girardi at Future Congress 2020 / Agencia UNO

On the other hand, the senator indicated that human beings have three major challenges, which are: “Reestablish minimum values ​​of equality and equity among human beings”; “Face a gigantic ecological crisis, which threatens the extinction of human beings” and “manage the democratic piloting of artificial intelligence, mainly Google and Facebook, which are unilaterally appropriating all data.”

Another topic to be discussed at the event is the post-pandemic world. “We enter a pandemic world due to the destruction of ecosystems, deforestation and the human being’s violation of the rules of nature. Before, these viruses, which have always been present in animals, did not contact humans. But when we invade its ecosystem, these viruses begin to be found ”, he stated.

Future Congress proposes learning to live together to reduce inequalities. How do we have to do it, what is the development model, how do we coexist with human beings so that there are not super-super rich (…) Today the inequalities are gigantic and we have to learn to live together, because if there are no reasonable levels of equality That calls into question – we already saw it in the outbreak – peace, “he added.

Girardi and his 28 years in Congress.

After completing 28 years as a member of parliament (12 in the Chamber of Deputies and 16 in the Senate), Guido Girardi will no longer be able to occupy his seat in Congress as of March 11, due to the law passed in 2020 that limits the reelection of authorities.

Although he gave details about what his future will be from that date, the senator affirmed that “one always has intuition” and that he has received “various alternatives and offers” from the world of science.

I am the author of the black stamp labels, so I am invited from many places on the planet. I am also the author of the neuro-rights law, the first in the world, and I have been invited to the main scientific centers on the planet. I have many invitations of this type, “he confirmed.

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Along the same lines, the legislator also stated that its purpose is to continue “collaborating” with Congreso Futuro. “It seems to me a very interesting initiative, together with the academies of science, the universities and the Senate. I want to dedicate myself to these centers of strategic thinking. Today we have 800 scientists and academics from all Chilean universities working on green mining, green hydrogen and satellite space policy ”, he explained.

Likewise, he also evaluated his period as a member of parliament since 1993: “I believe that nobody is perfect, we all have a life of lights and shadows. Like many, I have made many mistakes and I have had other successes ”.

It was my turn to put forward the first environmental struggles in Chile. I was one of the actors who worked so that Hidroaysén, Pascua Lama, Barrancones, Castilla was not made. (…) I was one of the first, along with others, to put up homosexual issues. In 1995 we fought for the decriminalization of sodomy, since homosexuals were imprisoned ”, he affirmed.

What’s more, recalled a series of initiatives that he endorsed and signed in the last 28 years, such as the Law of Responsible Ownership of Pets and Companion Animals (Cholito Law), the regulations that prohibit conditioning medical attention to a check or money as guarantee, the Universal Donor Law or the protection of teenage mothers and minors pregnant women, among others.

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Guido Girardi in the prelude to the Future Congress: “The virtual era is making all institutions obsolete”