Hard attack by Egan Bernal against Petro for comparing himself with Gabriel García Márquez

Egan Bernal is again a trend due to a publication he made on his official Twitter profile, in which he directly attacks Gustavo Petro.

The candidate of the Historical Pact said in the same social network as the famous and deceased Colombian writer, winner of the Nobel Prize Gabriel García Márquez, He was born in the region of the Colombian north coast and studied at a school in Zipaquirá, similar to what Petro did in his past. Given this, Bernal showed his distaste for the comparison.

“You need about 100 years of solitude to compare yourself with G. García Márquez, while he was beginning to write his first stories, you were part of a terrorist group. And now he wants to be president, discrediting even his own allies. There is no comparison,” reads Egan’s Twitter profile.

Petro did not hesitate to immediately answer the winner of the Tour de France. “I tell your administrator that it is precisely that the generations that have lived 100, 200, 500 years of solitude do have a second chance under the heavens of the earth”, reads on the candidate’s Twitter.

A few days ago there was also a discussion between these two characters on account of Gustavo Petro’s birthplace. It all started when Senator Jorge Robledo published the identity card and civil registry of the candidate for the Presidency on his social network, with the aim of demonstrating that Petro is not from the coast. He pointed out that “it is very wrong to present yourself as a coastal person without being one.”

“You have always said that you are from the coast, that you were born in Ciénaga de Oro. But in this video you say that you were born in Zipaquirá. Please show us where he is from. Because we Colombians have the right to know the truth of what he says, ”said the senator, accompanied by the video he published.

Given this, something that caught the attention was that the Colombian cyclist Egan Bernal spoke out in the face of the controversy, stating: “So I’m also from the coast and I grew up in Zipaquirá.” It is worth mentioning that the winning cyclist of the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia, since he announced his vote for Federico Gutiérrez in the first round, has become a constant critic of the candidate. In that sense, Petro could not stand Bernal’s criticism either, as in the previous trill, and responded through his social networks, citing Bernal’s tweet: “Gabriel García Márquez was a coastal who studied in Zipaquirá, in my same school.”

Likewise, the former mayor of Bogotá, hours before, had already clarified his relationship with Egan Bernal. “I’m not sure it’s Egan who writes. There is a character I know very well, let’s say a community manager, of many famous people. They use that in politics and sometimes the real character doesn’t even know. There I take my distance, because if I answered Egan I don’t know if it’s him, “said the candidate in an interview with Brand.

In addition, he added that despite not having been born in that municipality, the candidate for the Historical Pact affirmed that love for Zipaquirá is one of the things that most unites him with Egan. Similarly, he recalled that he was one of the founders of the neighborhood where the cyclist lived.

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Hard attack by Egan Bernal against Petro for comparing himself with Gabriel García Márquez