Haruki Murakami: Five books to get to know the Japanese writer

One of the most important writers and novelists of recent years is the Japanese Haruki Murakami. who today, despite his numerous successes, has never been recognized with the Nobel Prize for Literature.

He has been listed as the number one candidate to win this prestigious award for many years but the Nobel has never come. But despite that, he has received multiple awards, including the Franz Kafka, the World Fantasy, the Jerusalem and the Hans Christian Andersen for Literature.

He is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious writers today, having a large number of masterpieces. Today, January 12, the day of his 72nd birthday, we tell you five books with which you can begin to delve into his wonderful world.

Haruki Murakami Five books to get to know the Japanese

The five books to meet Murakami

tokyo blues

The book indicated to know Murakami and his intentions. Little by little it will introduce you to a new but not unknown world where issues such as love, adulthood and unhappiness can influence us in a brutal way. A book that will accompany you in different aspects of your life as if it were talking about you.

Sputnik, my love

Loves and crossed destinies. The narrator, a young elementary school teacher, is in love with Sumire; but she, who considers herself the last rebel, has only one obsession: to be a novelist. Sumire will meet Myû, a middle-aged married woman as beautiful as she is enigmatic, and together they will embark on a journey through Europe after which nothing will ever be the same.

South of the border, west of the sun

One of the most beloved titles and one of the most nostalgic stories. It tells the story of Hajime, a family man who has met his childhood best friend, causing the attraction to reappear on the verge of leaving everything for her. Story of lost loves, promises and the inevitable misalignment of the world.

Chronicle of the bird that winds the world

Another Murakami title that you can’t miss. Story of a paranormal event. Tooru Okada has just left his job as a lawyer when he receives a call from a mysterious woman, that’s when strange things begin to happen: his wife disappears, various unknown characters appear around him and the real thing no longer seems to be.

Kafka on the shore

An unusual version of the classic tragedy passed through the sieve of a modern sensibility and sprinkled with contemporary cultural references, sensuality and a fine sense of humor. Murakami in its purest form.


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Haruki Murakami: Five books to get to know the Japanese writer