Hay Festival Segovia advances the first guests and sets a date

Jorge Díaz (c), Antonio Mercero (d) and Agustín Martínez (l), who write under the pseudonym Carmen Mola.

Hay Festival Segovia 2022 It already has a date. The festival of words and ideas returns to Segovia from September 15 to 18, 2022, with the presence of some of the most outstanding national and international figures in their field. This seventeenth edition will focus on tradition and innovation, “the pillars around which programming is being developed”advance Sheila cremaschidirector of the festival.

Outstanding names in literature, technology, nature, poetry or visual arts will share the poster at Hay Festival Segovia 2022. The writer Carmen coolthe historian Anthony Beevorthe artist Kate daddythe Nobel Prize in Physics Konstantin Novoselovthe biologist Josef H. Rechholf, the writers Antonio Munoz Molina, Monica Rouane Y Ana Requena or the actors Eleanor watling, Victor Clavijo Y charles francino will be some of the most renowned guests.

As a preview of the programming, on May 10 tickets for the first twelve events go on sale. The complete program will be officially presented in the Portuguese-Spanish town of River of Onor / Rihonor of Castilewith the support of Tourism of Portugal. One more year, Hay Festival Segovia has the collaboration of the City Hall of Segovia and the Castilla and leon meetingwhich will bring the festival closer to the entire community.

the british artist kate daudy and the scientist Konstantin Novoselov, Nobel Prize in Physics 2010, will transform the city through a message that unites art, science and sustainability as a beacon of hope. In addition, they will make a sculpture with concave glass discs. With their wobble, the discs will shine and reflect the light in such a way that they simulate a crystal lake in the Renaissance courtyard of the Torreón de Lozoya.

The British-Russian Nobel laureate, acclaimed for his discovery of graphene, will also star in a debate with Diego del Alcazar BenjumeaCEO of IE University, on the role of the scientist in troubled times, reflecting on the geopolitics of technologies against nationalist obsession.

HF22 Konstantin Novoselov
Scientist Konstantin Novoselov, Nobel Prize in Physics 2010.

Precisely, Russia, the absolute protagonist of today, is also the subject that the British historian will deal with Anthony Beevor and the writer Antonio Munoz Molina. Espido Freire and the journalist and writer Albert King They will talk about hypercommunication, overexposure, social networks and other issues related to communication.

The writer Carmen cool, the alter ego of three prestigious Spanish novelists, will talk about the adventure of working under a pseudonym to win the most prestigious prize in Spanish letters. The philosopher and pedagogue Jose Antonio Marina will propose guidelines to “educate talent”, while writers Emece County, Alfonso Genique and the journalist Aurelio Martin will address erotic literature as a genre.

The crime novel in a feminist key has come to change the genre. the psychologist Monica Rouane and the journalist Ana Requena They will talk about the consequences of this new vision. For her part, the writer Nuria Barrios offers a new look at the translation profession, “the only human way of reading and writing at the same time”, as he says.

The butterflies are disappearing and this means that an ecological catastrophe is coming. evolutionary biologist Joseph H. Reichhofinvited by the Hay Festival, will address this topic together with the Global Director of Sustainability at IE University, Elizabeth of the Alcazar.

Podcasts and audio content are the new protagonists of the digital age. Great actors and actresses alternate their work before the camera or the scene and behind the microphones. The actors will speak about this variant of the interpretation and its power Leonor Watling, Victor Clavijo and Carles Francinowith the support of the Podimo podcast platform.

In Hay Festival Segovia 2022 there is also space for workshops around the world of letters. The first to be available on May 10, Minimal Autobiographies, will allow participants to become authors of their own autobiographies. The workshop, led by Beltran Gambierfounder of the magazine Intramuros, will have the collaboration of the journalist Laura graceful.

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Hay Festival Segovia advances the first guests and sets a date