How and when did Isabel Preysler arrive in Spain?

Isabel Preysler is one of the best known faces of our country, one of the women who has given the most work and joy to the pink press, which crowned her as its queen. About her Almost everything has been told about her, she has starred in innumerable covers of the press (and not only pink) and has been one of the most sought-after targets of the paparrazzi. Blood ties recovers her history, her legacy and her mark on our country with a program that portrays her and her entire family: The Preysler Saga. A biography in the form of a documentary that narrates his childhood in the Philippines, his arrival in Spain and his hectic life in the Spanish aristocracy.

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María Isabel Preysler was born in Manila on February 18, 1950.. She grew up and lived in the Philippine capital until she came of age. He comes from a wealthy family: his father Carlos Preysler de Tagle was manager of Philippe Airlines and delegate of the Banco Español de Crédito in Manila, and his mother, Beatriz Arrastía Reinares, was the owner of a real estate agency. Isabel Preysler studied at the Colegio de la Asunción in Manila and when he turned 18, in 1968, he moved to Spain to continue with his studies at the Irish school in Madrid.

Blood Ties brings us closer to the character who has starred in the most covers in the pink press, to the most enigmatic and elegant woman in our country: Isabel Preysler. Through the testimonies of her children, Tamara Falcó and Julio Iglesias Jr, we will discover who Isabel is, who her true loves have been and what her children are like away from the cameras. Participating in the chapter are: Lorenzo Caprile, Father Ángel, Jaime Peñafiel, Fiona Ferrer, Olga Ruiz, Begoña Zunzunegui, Carlos García Calvo, Rosa Villacastín, Susana Uribarri and Maribel Yébenes.

Shortly after being in Madrid and settling met Julio Iglesias, and on January 20, 1971 they married. From then on, the true Iglesias-Preysler saga began to take shape and began to monopolize the covers and all the headlines of the gossip press. But his story goes beyond that of a saga, it is the story of a woman who has known how to shine and dazzle above the circumstancesAs difficult as these were. In addition, it is a benchmark of elegance and style, something that today his children try to imitate.

She is known as the queen of hearts; a woman who has conquered an artist (Julio Iglesias), a marquis (Carlos Falcó) and a minister (Miguel Boyer), and who now she has a love affair with a Nobel Prize winner (Mario Vargas Llosa). Her main legacy is her children, of whom she is very proud and, as she herself says, “they are adorable and have given me a lot of joy”.

Isabel Preysler has 5 children and 7 grandchildren.

They are, in chronological order of birth, Chabeli Iglesiasborn 1971; Julio Iglesias Jr.born in 1973; Enrique Iglesiasborn 1975; Tamara Falco, born in 1981; Y Anne Boyer, born in 1989. Now 72 years old, she is a happy grandmother with 6 grandchildren: Alejandro Altaba is his eldest grandson, son of Chábeli Iglesias and Christian Altaba and the young man is already of legal age. He is not the only Altaba grandson, there is also Sofia, with 10 yearswho was in charge of wearing the rings at her aunt Ana Boyer’s wedding.

The twins Lucy and Nicolás, 4 years old, and little Mary, 3, are the children of Enrique Iglesias and former tennis player Anna Kournikova. They live in Miami, and whenever she can, her grandmother goes to visit them. One of Isabel Preysler’s favorite moments.

Miguel and Mateo are the two sons of Ana Boyer and Fernando Verdasco.. They are 4 and 2 years old respectively and are the joy of the Boyer house. They live in Madrid, and their parents often brag about them on their social networks, selling the image of a happy family.

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How and when did Isabel Preysler arrive in Spain?