I was very sorry to see Mario Vargas Llosa in Tamara Falcó’s reality show

I disappear from Spain for a few days, but before taking the plane I find out that Isabel Preysler and Mario Vargas Llosa are no longer a couple. The reason, his jealousy, they say. And they also say that everything that surrounds the Preysler universe is fed up. It made me very sad to see Vargas Llosa participate in the Tamara Falcó reality show. But the writer is old enough to know how to say no, that is, if he was there it is because he wanted to. Or because the strength to mount a chicken failed him and he preferred to swallow rather than rebel, which could also be.

When you are in a relationship, there are times when you prefer to savor a cyanide ball with delight rather than resort to the dreaded “we need to talk”. However, I must confess that they seemed The scenes in which Vargas Llosa appears with Tamara visiting a bookstore are interesting where, I think I remember, they sell first editions of important works of universal literature. That is where the Nobel Prize grows and it is a pleasure to listen to it, but those others in which he only laughs are perfectly forgettable because it seems that it is the only way out that he can think of to get out of a demonized reality show alive. He doesn’t get it.

Mario Vargas Llosa and Tamara Falco

Mario Vargas Llosa and Tamara Falcó in one of the scenes from the reality show ‘Tamara Falcó: La Marquise’ on Netflix.


Vargas Llosa must thank those who took care of the assembly that They do not want to make blood with their laughter and they repeated them ad nauseam because they were the spitting image of a cornered human being. A very ridiculous picture for someone who has a very high regard for himself.

If we add to this that several of the characters that appear in the reality show call him “Mario” with an astonishing familiarity, when you see that they really have no idea who he is – apart from the Preysler couple – It is not surprising that the writer woke up one day or another with quite existential doubts. The same ones that Madame Preysler might have, but since she’s a sphinx I can’t tell what’s on her mind on any subject.

the vase writer

They say that Vargas Llosa has finished even the very beginning of the Preysler universe. Very good, but he already knew what he was getting into. What may also have happened is that the writer has had enough of being a simple accessory. A premium ornament that is worn at weddings, baptisms and communions but with little right to be heard, which is something that he is crazy about. Because ever since he started dating Preysler He has ceased to be a Nobel Prize winner to become the man who hangs on the arm together with our most desired ‘socialite’.

Despite the fact that Isabel Preysler’s public appearances are rare, her figure retains those mythical overtones that continue to maintain her as one of the most coveted characters in our business, a truly tremendous fact if we take into account that it is difficult to define what her work is. Sorry: her work, her best work, is herself. Nothing more to add, your honor. So we find that Isabel Preysler is nothing more and nothing less than a true miracle. Amen.

against pessimism

Not long ago, in ‘Sálvame Naranja’, we connected with an Argentine journalist so that he could tell us how the country was experiencing the victory of his team in the World Cup in Qatar. He said something that caught my attention. That the celebration was becoming an injection of joy for Argentina (so they say, with the article, I love it) because, attention, “we had become addicted to bad news.” This addiction is not something that happens only in Argentina. One only has to take a look at some of the main newspapers in our country, tune in to some radio programs or connect with some television spots to certify that the worse the better. There is no good news for them. There is no room for hope, for a light –no matter how small– at the end of the tunnel. They have made catastrophism their flag And they don’t get them out of there because nothing is easier than having an audience subscribed to fear and anger.

That was the philosophy of that magician of terror that was Encarna Sánchez: “Pissed listener doesn’t change the channel.” And Sánchez made her philosophy her particular and thriving business. She complained that the country was going like ass while her coffers were filled with millions and millions of pesetas impregnated with a shitty ideology that she distributed to listeners eager for her ration of daily misery. I have decided to move on from that. I will fight not to become more of an idiot than I am, but I don’t need anyone to explain to me that life was serious. I have known it for as long as I can remember, like any neighbor’s son with half a brain, that we are the majority. I prefer to be reminded in my ear of that phrase by Jesús Quintero that says: “Life can be beautiful if one insists on making it so”.

And as for Preysler and Vargas Llosa, to finish where I started, I think what they have done is very brave. There are no ages for a break or to start a new life. The harmful thing is to remain slumped in an already known reality for fear of change. What Preysler and Vargas Llosa have done is to frame. Breaking up with what doesn’t satisfy you is the main symptom of being alive. It doesn’t seem like a small thing to me. If we did an exhaustive review, we would be scared of the number of people who live asleep.

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I was very sorry to see Mario Vargas Llosa in Tamara Falcó’s reality show