Iker Casillas has a new illusion that can make him Tamara Falcó’s brother-in-law

Iker Casillas He has not found a substitute for his ex-wife, Sara Carbonero. Since they divorced the footballer they have awarded him several relations, but none have borne fruit. Some weren’t even real. Meanwhile, the sports journalist has been more active, making inroads into the world of music: first with Kiki Morente and currently with Nacho Taboada. But just because we don’t know any story with a face and eyes, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t try or that from time to time she manages to make progress. Furthermore, there is an important novelty in his sentimental life, with face, eyes, lips, hands and feet. An actress who is perhaps not well known as a performer, but who in the circles of the jet set yes it paints and a lot: Alejandra Onieva.

Onieva, Onieva… surely this surname is familiar to many. They have reasons, because it is the same as the Tamara Falcó’s boyfriend: Íñigo Onieva. There is a blood bond between the two, because they are brothers. One is dedicated to nightlife and clubs, and the other to series such as ‘El secreto de Puente Viejo’, apart from his activity as an influencer and model. Tall, blonde, attractive, Casillas has started a friendship that many consider as the first steps of something more. ‘The son-in-law of Spain’ he wants to get his crown back. And she could become son-in-law (political) of Isabel Preysler and brother-in-law of Tamara Falcóa carambola that the exporter from Móstoles would not have imagined in his life.

Tamara Falco, Isabel Preysler and Iñigo Onieva / Photo: GTRES

Iker Casillas and Alejandra Onieva have met on a trip to Ibiza and Telecinco says that “they are inseparable”

Telecinco points to summer romanceall as a result of the publications that they have shared during these days for a trip to Ibiza organized by a well-known jewelry brand. A few days of coexistence together with other celebrities of different profiles, and in which Casillas and Onieva connected in such a way that in ‘Socialité’ they affirm that they are inseparable“At least they already follow each other on social networks and surely there are private messages flying from one account to another. They do jokes among them: she teaches him how to improve his photos on Instagram, he responds enthralled. The thing promises.

Iker Casillas and Alejandra Onieva / Photo: Telecinco

Casillas could become the political son-in-law of Isabel Preysler and brother-in-law of Tamara Falcó

Whether Iker and Alejandra are taking it seriously is anyone’s guess, but there are flirting and of the good|bono. We don’t know either how Falcó is taking it, so select and pompous: surely he likes the millionaire part of the ex-soccer player, but that it is precisely for something as mundane as the sport of the ball is not his dream. Now, if Casillas joins the gangat Preysler house they will have everything: marchionesses and winners of cooking contests, handsome writers with Nobel prizes, nightclub owners, tennis players, singers… and many of those sweeties that the butler Ambrosio wore. The entire album.

Tamara Falcó, Isabel Preysler and Mario Vargas Llosa in ‘Masterchef’ / Photo: RTVE.es

Iker Casillas wants to live the summer of love… and become paper royalty couché. What great goal.

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Iker Casillas has a new illusion that can make him Tamara Falcó’s brother-in-law