In Russia, opponents of the war organize

The director of the international television network RT is furious. How can some of her fellow citizens be against Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine? For her, it’s simple: they are no longer Russians.

Margarita Simonian, who regularly makes sharp comments on Twitter in defense of the Russian president, whom she calls a “leader”, did not beat around the bush: “If you are now ashamed to be Russian, don’t worry, you are not Russian.”

Thousands of people demonstrated against the Russian invasion in Russia and the reaction of the police has been the same as with opponents of the Kremlin: carrying out hundreds of arrests.

So much so that the movement has moved to the Internet, begins to make itself heard and gather support from some well-known people.

Ukrainian flags are ubiquitous in profile photos, as are crying emojis. The hashtag #HeTBo?He (no to war) was trending on Twitter on Saturday.

Since Thursday, the date of the beginning of the invasion, Russian celebrities of greater or lesser caliber expressed their horror, their helplessness and called for the immediate end of this war that is raging in the heart of Europe.

Popular videoblogger and documentarian Yuri Doud got a million likes for a message posted on social media.

“I write these words for a reason. When my children grow up and discover this moment in history, freak out and ask me ‘Dad, what did you do?’, I want to have written proof that I did not choose this regime and did not support its imperialist fury “, wrote.

The journalist of the Kommersant newspaper, Elena Tchernenko, said for her part that she had been excluded from the pool of journalists who followed the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov, for having initiated an anti-war petition among his colleagues.

An open letter from the artistic and cultural professions was supported by more than 2,000 people in the trade on Saturday and dismissed Vladimir Putin’s argument that the invasion was a “peacekeeping” operation to save Russians in the east. from Ukraine.

“Forcing peace through the use of force is absurd,” he says.

Many other doctors and nurses signed their own letter online. “No matter how the use of lethal weapons is justified, they are still lethal,” they wrote.

And an anti-war petition on collected more than 750,000 signatures in two days.

Celebrities, some of them accustomed to the sets of public television, also made their voices heard.

“This has to be stopped!” Valeri Meladzé, a popular variety singer, reacted on Instagram on the first day of the invasion.

The 2021 Nobel Peace Prize laureate and editor-in-chief of the opposition newspaper Nóvaya Gazeta expressed his shame in an online video.

“We are suffering. Our country, by order of President Putin, has started a war against Ukraine. And no one can stop it. That is why, in addition to our suffering, we feel ashamed,” Dmitri Muratov said.

In a very symbolic reaction, the founders of the “Immortal Regiment”, an organization that is very dear to the Kremlin because it is in charge of preserving the memory of the dead of the Second World War, asked Putin “to stop the attack”, qualifying this use of force as “inhumane”.

Moscow’s Garage contemporary art museum, founded by Kremlin-linked oligarch Roman Abramovich, announced its closure on Saturday, refusing to “maintain the illusion of normalcy.”

And two communist deputies who had voted in favor of Russia’s recognition of the independence of pro-Russian breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine denounced the invasion.

“I voted for peace, not for war (…) not for bombing Kiev,” MP Mikhaïl Matveïev wrote.

Addressing the personalities and the “thousands and thousands” of anonymous Russians who denounce the invasion, the Ukrainian president thanked them.


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In Russia, opponents of the war organize