inefficiency or the game of the TEG – Parliamentarian

By Nancy Sosa. The journalist refers to Argentina’s decision to accept the presidency of CELAC, and the current situation of the negotiations with the IMF.

Tying the agreement to restructure Argentina’s debt with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to populist ideological preferences and an alleged leaning to the left means that the person leading this negotiation -the Argentine government- ignores the abc not only of politics and the economy , but of common sense in the world of international relations.

The presidential inability, and from there down the entire government line, to face the main problems of the country is public knowledge. In two years of the pandemic they did not hit a single one, from the quarantine onwards with the restrictions and the purchase of vaccines, until finally realizing that the confinement was destroying the economy day by day.

In the third wave, the presidential criteria changed but not the ineptitude because when everyone realized that new prevention protocols had to be established, the group that directs the destinies of Argentina left everything released to chance, trusting that what would happen God wish. However, they could not avoid the problem of the IMF, which became a difficult wall to demolish with a single glance.

It is almost obvious that they do not want to settle with the Fund, otherwise President Alberto Fernández would not have accepted the presidency of CELAC, a gratuitous provocation towards the IMF’s main creditor and the one with the most weight when it comes to voting. A posteriori, the first? The president made untimely statements regarding the Fund’s responsibility in granting the loan to the country and claiming that the United States should support Argentina. Only someone who doesn’t have brains can do that. But, in Argentina everything is possible.

In dreams of their own and not so their own, the debt problem could be solved with the semi-multilateral support of a handful of countries, including China, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Russia, South Korea. That is to say, a range of nations that installed populist dictatorships, it is said that they are to the left of liberalism and globalization, but for the moment each one does their own thing and on their own. No block cohesion is noted.

Supposing that China will help Argentina is among those outdated dreams because, within the IMF itself, it is one of the most likely to demand that Argentina restructure and pay what was agreed for this year.

To imagine that the United States is going to support Argentina after the absurd presidential declarations is a chimera.

There are internal currents within the Front of All determined to put the country behind China. Perhaps even the vice president has succumbed to siren songs about the “future” international power, greater than that of the Yankees, and all her disciples have started playing TEG (Tactical and Strategic War Plan).

A clenched fist fits those who know for sure “what China wants” for itself and for the world in thirty years. Very few are fully aware of Chinese investments throughout Africa and with what objective they advanced on that continent, to later continue on Latin America.

To make it clear: the Chinese do not lend money, they do not choose financial timba. They do business and ask in exchange for co-provisions of high sovereign symbolic value. If it is to ask, they have no problem wanting a Patagonian dam that has geopolitical interests for the future. If it is to ask, why not a Chinese nuclear, military and energy base in Tierra del Fuego, another important strategic place. It is no longer enough for them to fish at night in the Argentine sea from the Río de la Plata to Usuhaia and Argentine Antarctica, without paying a single penny because Argentina does not charge or fine them. The list of agreements remains for another note.

What are we playing? To change owners? We do not want, nor did we want Yankee colonization. Perhaps, does anyone have the idea of ​​making the country play for Chinese communism, just when China deploys its strategy of capitalist domination on the planet? What role would Argentina have on that map? Has Alberto Fernández consulted the Argentine people if he wants to be part of an alliance of this nature? China, is it trustworthy, really?

Let’s see an example of trust: a statement released through the networks by the Japanese professor of physiology and medicine Tasuku Honjo, Nobel Prize, assures: “Based on all my knowledge and on all the previous research that was done, I can say with one hundred percent certainty that the Corona 19 virus is not a natural virus. It is not a bat virus. China created it intentionally and premeditatedly. If what I say today turns out to be wrong now, or even after my death, the Chinese government can withdraw my Nobel Prize. But China lies and its entire terrible communist government must be punished severely and with the full weight of international criminal law, because this terrible, unforgivable and disastrous great truth will one day be revealed to all people throughout the entire world.

Honjo studied viruses and animals for more than 40 years and for him the current cause of the pandemic that has afflicted the planet since 2020 is “completely artificial”. The world-awarded scientist says he worked at the Wuhan lab in China for 4 years and knows all the lab staff very well. “I called all of them after the corona accident. But all of their phones have been out of order for months, and now all of these lab techs are known to be dead.”

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inefficiency or the game of the TEG – Parliamentarian