Insolvency or bad faith

This week we have attended a debate raised in boxing terms between the holder of the title and the applicant. With the parish fiercely divided beforehand, as is historical in a country prolific in duels. It does not matter whether it is politics, soccer, bullfighting, literature, science or any other activity.

They say that D. Jacinto Benavente, accommodating, bourgeois and conservative, Nobel Prize for Literature, attending a gathering that was held in Las Ventas, overflowed with praise for D. Ramon de Valle Inclán, a great literature without the slightest doubt. One of the fellow members warned him that D. Ramón did not think the same of him. D. Jacinto without hesitation replied… Well, that is that maybe we are both wrong. A response that could be applied to the insane criticism against the President of the Government and the praise of capacity and moderation of the inexperienced Mr. Feijoo as state leader of the PP.

The citizenship. whose most pressing horizon is to survive in this sorrowful Spain and that not a few try to grieve about its future, needs antidotes to get ahead among so many toxic elements. Surely this debate whose scope was intentionally reduced by the good offices of those who are in charge of taking care of the image and placating any sample that shows the limitations of the applicant will hardly be.

Beyond the incendiary proclamations of fervor in favor of any of them, the ring showed a fighter who confidently defended the title accurately hitting each of the many sensitive areas of the candidate. Data, achievements with reasonable efficiency in the incredible string of incidents of the last three years, harmony with the EU and the agreements braided in its field played in his favor.

Mr. Feijóo tried to protect himself from the rain of blows by resorting to common and minor places. He accused the punishment and even having to leave many hairs in the cat flap he managed to survive in the eyes of the unconditional, even benevolent of him. Which is not an obstacle for some to begin to harbor doubts about the new leadership, although for now the demoscopy is smiling at him.

Don Pío Baroja, known for his temperamental acrimony in a rare appearance at a gathering organized by Mr. Valle Inclán, at Madrid’s Café de Levante, suddenly took the floor in the spirit of sentencing the debate… He said bluntly: “The truth is that in Spain there are seven classes of Spaniards… Yes, how do you hear. Exactly the same as the capital sins of the Church. Those who don’t know. Those who don’t want to know. Those who hate knowing. Those who suffer for not knowing. Those who pretend Those who succeed without knowing, and those who live thanks to the fact that others do not know.” With a certain cruelty, D. Pio engages in this last section, sinking his stiletto: even “intellectuals.” Perhaps given so many expressions of militant Adamism that we suffer from, we could understand Mr. Baroja’s acrimony on this last point.

Mr. Feijóo’s attitudes and aptitudes fit into several of the Spanish classes Mr. Baroja cites. With notable superiority in the trade, Mr. President demonstrated it with pedagogical harshness. Mr. Feijóo requested the melee with the greatest interest. Unfortunately for him, his wish was granted. But once something has been demonstrated that not a few intuited, it would be unwise to terminate the applicant. In this painful obstacle course that the legislature has turned into, there are not a few mountain passes to crown to reach the goal.

The applicant says somewhere. “Sánchez is very concerned about the polls, because if there were elections on Sunday he would lose”… It is his opinion, which as such is respectable, and without a doubt he is obliged to express it even though he harbors reservations in his heart of hearts.

But the big question to ask is: Would Spain win, the democratic impulse, solidarity, social equity, gender equality, our weight in the EU?… According to what was seen in the Senate, and throughout these months of his public appearances, it seems that No. @worldwide

P.S. Without going into consideration that inexcusably to form a government it would have to count on the extreme right and present the citizens with Mr. Abascal as Vice President of the Government.

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Insolvency or bad faith