International Children’s Peace Prize: Ricardo Barajas is the first nominee from Guanajuato

Celaya, Guanajuato.- The celayense Ricardo Barajas Osorio placeholder image, with only 17 years of age, is the first from Guanajuato to be nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize, is nominated for his extensive career in helping and spreading peace, in the city and the state.

He is nominated along with other 170 children of the world, and with him they add 25 people from Mexico.

He expressed in an interview that his career is one of the 30 best stories of all the nominees, a reason that fills him with pride to continue promoting peace, reaching more people and being that agent of change.

This award and nomination is in charge of “Kids Rights, The International Children’s Peace Prize” is an organization that is linked to the United Nations (UN) and the Nobel Peace Prize.

This initiative of the International Children’s Peace Prize was created precisely to attribute and give that appreciation and honor to a boy or girl from any part of the world who is making significant actions and efforts for world peace, this award has been won by Malala Yousafzai and Greta Thunberg ”, commented the young man.

Mexico at the International Children’s Peace Prize

Mexico little by little has had a presence in this event, for this year, Ricardo is nominated in the company of 25 young people from all over the country, from states such as Oaxaca, Jalisco, Guerrero, Querétaro, among others, young people who share the vision of a better Mexico, full of peace and that has an impact on the world.

In addition to being nominated and accompanying my Mexican colleagues, I am the first from Guanajuato to receive this nomination and what a pride to be from Celaya, they invited us, I had already seen this award for three or four years and it had always been one one of my goals, to be nominated ”he commented.

Ricardo Barajas is nominated along with 170 other children in the world. Photos: Specials

Why is Ricardo Barajas nominated?

In his case, it is precisely because of all the actions he has carried out from a very young age, since he was 10 years old, such as CultivArte, actions it has done with the Inter-American Children’s Institute of the Oas, with Unicef ​​Mexico.

The proposals that it has led to spaces such as Chamber of Deputies, the state congress of the state, the Senate of the republic, activities that it has done for the city, the state and Mexico, in matters of education, culture, volunteering, collections and school supply campaigns, Three Kings Day, supporting the victims , actions that have promoted leadership, entrepreneurship, everything to help vulnerable sectors, rural communities, and the sum of everything, have had a positive impact on youth.

And I hope that more kids from Celayo and Guanajuato continue to cheer each other on, and hopefully this year, he said it at a general level, whether it be me or someone from Mexico, whoever gets the award, that is the important thing, no matter who it is, about the 25 Mexicans, I hope Mexico wins, the country has never won it in history, it would be good if this year is the good one ”, he highlighted.

The 30 best stories in the International Children’s Peace Prize

He was pleased to say that in the week they produced a list of the 30 most captivating stories of all the participants and their story was one of them.

Fortunately I was one of the 30 selected stories, they published on their page and it is another merit of all that list, from all over the world to be selected among these stories “he commented.

Of these 170 children from around the world, they will publish a list with the three finalists, chosen by representatives of the Nobel Peace Prize, UN, among others, it is expected that this list will be made public in the course of these days and the award ceremony will be in the Netherlands, in the first week of December.

I know that you have come to this place because I have done work that has impacted the lives of many children, we have worked hand in hand with many of my friends and leaders to have a better Celaya, a better Guanajuato and of course a better Mexico ” , he reiterated.

Aware that it is not the end of the road, but on the contrary, the work and the struggle continue, hoping to be an example for the new generations and continue paying for peace.



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International Children’s Peace Prize: Ricardo Barajas is the first nominee from Guanajuato