‘Internet of value, our value on the network’, by Áurea Rodríguez

The Internet was born in 1969 for military purposes to communicate between computers and transfer information, but it was democratized in the 90s. What seemed to be used by a few and temporary, has become a universal right recognized by UNESCO in 2015, the universality of the internet. Even in 2009 there was an initiative that asked for the Nobel Peace Prize for the Internet, because in addition to making our lives easier on a day-to-day basis, it provides a necessary freedom, especially in those areas, places and circumstances where it is scarce.

Today, the network gives us access and transfers information of all kinds and globally instantly, the internet of information. My children, generation alpha, do not remember or understand that life existed without the internet.

The Internet empowered and opened digital windows to knowledge, but Web 1.0 did not allow interaction with other users. The web 2.0 version came with social networks, with communication channels and platforms where we give up our data in exchange for being able to exchange information and interact with others.

Over time, this transfer of data has become a market that we could call the economy of privacy and that makes the value of the five main technology companies in the world exceed that of the European Union and is controlled by giants as data brokers.

The new internet, the web version 3.0, aims to transfer value without intermediaries. They call it the internet of value, and this is where blockchain technology comes in.

blockchain technology (“block chain”) facilitates the exchange of money, products and information, it is much easier for it to be distributed, encrypted and validated between all members of a block chain without the (theoretical) need for intermediaries. The blockchain allows transactions to be recorded in an immutable, global and transparent way and therefore generates a unique footprint to record works and intellectual property. The blockchain has come hand in hand with bitcoins and cryptocurrencies as a payment system.

In this Internet 3.0 We call value everything that we consider valuable, that can be exchanged, sold or negotiated, be it a product, intellectual or industrial property rights, services, etc. everything that can be translated into a digital asset. Theoretically, the internet of value will allow us to recover our rights over the value of what we produce, be they works or data, our intellectual capital, our intellectual property, and will open up the possibility of negotiating ourselves with our values, be they works, property titles , coins, purchase of goods or private data of all kinds.

countries crypto friendly such as the United Kingdom, Singapore or Switzerland, are postulated as emerging powers of this new internet of value and the use of cryptocurrencies based on this technology.

Be that as it may, I don’t know if it will be with web 3.0 or the internet of value, but what is certain is that we are all becoming aware, sooner or later, that in this digital world we all have our value in the network and that we cannot give it away for free to third parties.

P.S: In the era of technological humanism, beware of toxins, climbers, Trojans and trolls and surround yourself with Synergists who always add skills, knowledge, team and values.

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‘Internet of value, our value on the network’, by Áurea Rodríguez