Isabel Preysler uncovers the reason for her fights with Mario Vargas Llosa

Isabel Preysler and Mario Vargas Llosa They have been in a relationship for 7 years now. They are an odd couple, but they share certain characteristics that bind them very much: a huge ego, a lot of popularity and immeasurable success in their professional activity. She, queen of the jet set. He, a Nobel Prize writer. Two quite different worlds, or at least, on paper. But Vargas Llosa sold himself to the entertainment, and moves like a fish in water going from revelry to revelry at 86 years old arm in arm with the 70-year-old Filipina. When they started dating (he, abandoning his lifelong wife, who found out in the press), Mario seemed upset, out of place. So much glamor did not go with his character. 7 years later, it’s ‘one say noi‘. He even hosts chime events where he surrounds himself with the most attractive Spain, ideal habitat of the Chilean. Tito Mario, as Tamara Falcó, Isabel’s daughter, calls him. How beautiful everything.

Don’t be fooled, yes: there are also problems in the paradise of the Ferrero Rocher and the pro-hispanic crusade. They are two veterans, with many stones in their backpack. Well, Isabel’s are gorgeous, high-carat, and she doesn’t even carry them: she has an assistant who puts them on her back. But wow, he has some memories that would occupy several volumes. His sentimental life and his ascent to the Olympus of the celebrities it’s legendary. Julio Iglesias, Carlos Falcó, Miguel Boyer and now Vargas Llosa. 4 very different people and characters who agree on one thing: they have passed through his arms. And about all of them you can tell juicy stories. Some brushstrokes he has left in ‘El Español’, in a very soapy interview.

Isabel Preysler / GTRES

The Preyslers only married Spaniards“, Isabel points out. Perhaps that is why she has not married the Chilean, of course. Since she arrived in Spain in 1969 from Manila she has not stopped making Spaniards fall in love, this is the truth. The first, Julio Iglesias, the latin lover homeland. A relationship that ended badly. Now, she threw the pink press doors wide open for him. Also job offers to be the image of big brands. Later, with the Marquis of Griñón Carlos Falcó, “the doors of the aristocracy were opened to meAnd she hasn’t come out of there anymore, despite not having noble titles in her name (Tamara does, of course, she doesn’t miss a thing). In any case, it is with the former socialist Minister of Economy with whom he breaks up. Of him he was really in love. And only Boyer’s deterioration and death put an end to that story.

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A Boyer with whom he discovered the theater of politics. Bitter, violent, convulsive… but also lucrative and powerful. De Miguel says that he learned a lot and that he was very much in agreement with your ideas. He was from the PSOE, but wow: we are not talking about orthodox socialism, but about what the party of the rose is in Spain. In any case, he is ideologically very distant from his current life partner. Yes, Mario Vargas Llosa is an honorary member of the oldest right. And this is reason for fights at the couple’s mansion. “We argue a lot“, he confesses, perhaps because life in the cave does not seduce him too much either. Now, here peace and later glory. That you have to pose smiling in the photos, an Asian specialty.

Isabel Preysler and Mario Vargas Llosa / GTRES

We’d pay to feel one of these fights couple policies. Popcorn, which the lawyer Gonzalo Boye would stamp in a tweet.

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Isabel Preysler uncovers the reason for her fights with Mario Vargas Llosa