Isabel Preysler was also cheated on by the love of her life: the lessons in infidelity that Tamara Falcó has learned from her mother

Tamara Falcó overcomes the betrayal sheltered by her loved ones and with her mother,
Isabel Preysler, First line. The
Marchioness of Griñon He faces days full of ups and downs due to the disappointment of the viral infidelity of his
former partner Inigo Onievaafter their engagement announcement.

The news is heartbreaking, but the winner of
Master Chef Celebrity has the best example of how to get around it: the one she calls “mommy”, the ex-wife of
Julio Iglesias, from which he has inherited a sense of glamor and class. The proof? The
look of revenge by Tamara Falcó formed by a black suit that she wore last night in her first public event after the media scandal.

Up to 3,000
lovers they are attributed to Julio Iglesias. The journalist Pilar Eyre, who wrote a book inspired by the couple, confirmed that he had been with other women from day one. Tamara Falcó herself said it, who suffers on a smaller scale that same suffering: «Uncle Julio put
the horns and that’s why mommy had to abandon him.” Those words that she released quite naturally in an interview with Bertín Osborne and they come back to her.

Tamara Falcó was in completely different conditions than her mother. In just a few days she has gone from courtship, to commitment and to
breaking off. All for a video in which his ex-partner appears kissing another girl, between dances.

His mother suffered in another way, in the more analog era. In 1971 she married Julio Iglesias, after his insistence, and she divorced seven years later. Over time, Preysler confessed that she did it in tears, that they called her the saddest girlfriend of hers, as if that were a premonition of what was to come. Just like his daughter, who had previously been plagued by rumors of
infidelitywhich she bluntly silenced with a smile.


Chronology of infidelity

The trigger for Tamara Falcó’s mother appears in the book Julio. The biography, by Óscar García Blesa. She did not doubt the singer’s love, nor did she doubt his seductive spirit and his allergy to commitment. He played to hide her adventures from her and justified himself with the fact that she was “a genetic reason inherited from her father”, the doctor
puga churches.

Isabel Preysler made her decide that and what was said about a possible romance of the singer with Argentina
Grace Alphonse. She reached the limit of her without losing her temper. She went to the airport. She was one of the few women in the room, waiting for her by the baggage claim area.

Julio Iglesias with Isabel Preysler.

“Isabelita!” he yelled at her. Isabel Preysler answered him slowly. “Julio, you had to ask me many times to get married, but I’m going to tell you only once that we separated”, as they say in Julio. The biography. Over time, he achieved a romance that lived up to his expectations. He got married to
Miranda Rijnsburgera woman who tolerated the many women who passed through her sheets.

Filipino aristocrat he also found someone with whom he fit. she fell in love with
Mario Vargas Llosa, Nobel Prize for Literature, and the man who stays on the sofa reading while his partner and Tamara Falcó parade through luxury stores in cities like New York, as we could see in the reality show La marquesa. A quiet writer, who in the episodes of the series only turns on for one reason: the joy of talking about Ulysses, the novel by James Joyce.

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Isabel Preysler was also cheated on by the love of her life: the lessons in infidelity that Tamara Falcó has learned from her mother