Isabel Preysler’s unexpected mania for a perfectionist

Isabel Preysler confessed to having a mania that she has had since she moved to Spain and married the singer Julio Iglesias. Although after her divorce she thought that the press would forget her, that never happened, on the contrary, she became a celebrity who demands that the photos come out well, according to what she has just recounted in an interview with the newspaper ‘El Español’ . The Filipino celebrity remembers that when she married Julio Iglesias she really had no interest in having a presence in the media, although she always posed with the singer when they attended events or concerts. “Julio was amazed that I had no interest in appearing in the press and blamed it on my lack of vanity. I always took it for granted that the interest was for Julio and I accepted to pose with him whenever he asked me.”

After her separation from the singer, in 1979, she thought that the media would forget her. “When I separated from Julio, I took it for granted that they would forget about me. And I thought that I would lead a quiet life (…) I never thought that things would develop in this way. Already involved in the maelstrom of the press, as a perfectionist and something maniacal (not for vanity), I like the photos to come out well”, he confessed.

In the recent interview he also confessed that he has been lucky in love and that he has always been guided by his heart. “I have also been lucky to have found men who were all ‘gentlemen’. With Julio Iglesias we maintained cordiality for our three children. Carlos Falcó could have behaved fatally with me. It was still a macho time and he behaved like a gentleman, a gentleman from head to toe”, he says. And, as he assures, he has always been guided by his heart. “And it has not gone badly for me”, finish off

Isabel Preysler and Mario Vargas Llosa

Regarding her third husband, Miguel Boyer assures that she had more things in common with him than with her current partner Mario Vargas Llosa. “Miguel was an intellectual, but with him I lived much more in the political world (…) I admit that I quite agreed on many things. With Mario I argue more. Nothing happens.” The mother of Enrique, Julio José, Chábeli, Tamara and Ana assures that their children “have married or have partners for love and I have always supported them”.

This week, after having a scare with covid infection, Isabel Preysler reappeared with her fourth husband, the Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa, who has just overcome bilateral pneumonia, for a lunch that the Royal Theater has offered in honor of the Nobel Prize for Literature. A very special event in which the couple, who is about to celebrate their seventh anniversary of their relationship, has wasted complicity.

Isabel Preysler has been much loved by the press and has always set trends with the elegance of her outfits. Her innate ability to adapt fashions and trends to her personal style has made her a fashion icon at 71 who looks great with jeans or a feathered dress. Her elegance makes her an obligatory target for the paparazzi on every outing, perhaps for this reason she maintains that perfectionist mania of wanting to always look good in photos.

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Isabel Preysler’s unexpected mania for a perfectionist