Juan Cabandié defended Milagro Sala: he said that she is a “political prisoner” and that there is no “healthy democracy”

The Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Juan Cabandie, defended this Monday the referent of Túpac Amaru, miracle room, after six years of his arrest yesterday: “Since 2016, Milagro Sala has been a political prisoner of the Jujuy Justice. With political prisoners, there is no healthy democracy”.

“The Supreme Court has had the appeal of Milagro’s defense for almost two years, in the case for which he continues to be held in preventive detention,” added the political official in the publication he made. in your social network account Twitter.

Today, speaking to AM750 Sala targeted the governor of Jujuy, Gerardo Morales: “The Gestapo is still in force in Jujuy because they continue to advance against their comrades, but it cannot be allowed and no one does anything. Morales goes for everything, handles Justice. While he seeks to imprison opposition leaders and wants to continue disciplining the people of Jujuy, he continues with his big lithium, marijuana, construction chamber businesses, and continues to indebt the province.

And I add: “Now he wants to be president when we are all seeing what is happening in Jujuy. It seems that we are living in a right-wing government where no one can say anything to him and where he has the mantle of the United States embassy to continue advancing against all of us.

Milagro Sala was sentenced to three and a half years in prison and appealed to the Supreme Court of Justice

This Sunday human rights organizations, governors, ministers of the national government and national deputies and senators of the Front of All published a request in which they asked for the freedom of Sala, who thanked the gesture. “Once again our deep concern and our total repudiation of the persecution and harassment that Milagro Sala has been suffering, who this Sunday celebrates 6 years in arbitrary and illegal prison,” said the signatories, among whom the Minister of Security of the Nation, Hannibal Fernandez; the governors of the provinces of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillo, and Chaco, Jorge Captainich; Grandmothers and Mothers of Plaza de Mayo; and the Nobel Peace Prize Adolfo Perez Esquivel.

In his statements, the social leader sentenced to three and a half years in prison in 2009 in a case that investigated an escrache against Morales defined as an “injustice” that the former president Mauricio Macri “stay free after seizing the country with the foreign debt and the negotiations” and the “disaster they made in Argentina”.

“Morales goes for everything, handles Justice.”

miracle room

Too, maintained that the debt with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) should not be paid because “no Argentine has asked for that loan or has participated when they gave him that money for Macri’s re-election.” “I believe that we Argentines should go to a referendum to determine whether or not we should pay that debt,” he said.

who also spoke publicly in FM The Homeland It was his lawyer louis peace, who referred to “irregularities” that occurred in the oral and public trial and explained that they are “waiting for the ruling on the file” that has been in the Supreme Court of Justice since 2020: “Two years of paralysis of the file denotes the institutional seriousness that Argentina lives with judicial powers, both national and provincial, rigged to the political power of the day”.

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Juan Cabandié defended Milagro Sala: he said that she is a “political prisoner” and that there is no “healthy democracy”