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“The hopeless truth is not born in the face of stubborn adversity or in the exhaustion of an unequal struggle. It comes from the fact that we no longer know our reasons for fighting or, precisely, if we should fight ”. This quote from Albert Camus, a French philosopher and Nobel Prize winner for Literature, who lived through the European disaster of World War II, is found in his book Morals and politics. As a reflection it makes sense for everything and everyone, since the probable and shameful abandonment due to unwanted circumstances has no justification or argumentation that can validate it as a possibility and even less as a practice.

Ours, in Ecuador, is critical at the highest level since corruption in its various forms is shown on a daily basis in a defiant, almost invincible way and also because it manifests itself omnipresent when we do not respect the authorized capacities for meetings of people, or at learn that for years an illegal system for the sale of vehicle license plates and driver’s licenses operated, also due to the reported overpricing in public works and the lack of reliable inspection processes, due to the absence of drugs in the public health system, infrastructure of education destroyed, supply-demand of bribes and kickbacks for all procedures, narcogenerals, abuse of power with flagrant cases of nepotism, virulent aggressiveness in the streets, anger and extreme poverty. And for the pain for Zaruma, pierced with death by illegal mining in full view and patience of all. And so, the tragedy of the crisis … established.

One of the elements, always present in this scenario, is disrespect for normative systems, for everyone, for those of social treatment, for morals, for religious ones; and, especially to the one who, theoretically, cannot be disrespected without consequences for whoever does it: the legal person who has its best known exponent in the legal sphere, because the legal norm, in all the cases mentioned is present and commands, prohibits or allows , but it is not valid because we put it aside for different reasons that are part of a climate of laxity and condescension that is a facet of widespread corruption. The law is not followed in the authorized gauges, in the national transit system, in public procurement, in the provision of medicines, in the care of public goods, in daily cases of bribery and bribery, in mining that destroy lives and cities. Laws are not respected and although they can always be better, in reality it is not about that, because the new ones will also be systematically violated.

Despite the citizen degradation that our current situation represents, and precisely for this reason, it is necessary to fight to stop the present decline and future failure. Much can be said about what others should do, I write as a very personal self-talk directed at myself and other ordinary citizens, so as not to give up in the individual construction of utopia and continue in the search for personal civic improvement that connects our action with the construction and maintenance of dignity and life. (OR)

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Juan Morales Ordóñez: The hopeless truth | Columnists | Opinion