La Alcarria, travel in 5 stops

The Nobel Prize in Literature Camilo José Cela made the following phrase famous: “La Alcarria is a beautiful country that people don’t want to go to.” Reason was not lacking because, despite the charms of this beautiful land, it is still unknown to many. To make up for this gap, we propose an express route with five essential stops.


The capital of the province is a great starting point for an intrepid excursion in the footsteps of Cela. It should be noted that the author resided here for some years and was even named an adoptive son. This city has a very interesting cultural heritage, of which we would like to highlight one point in particular. Starting from Plaza de España, we are already dazzled by the Palacio del Infantado, an outstanding Gothic-style building combined with some Renaissance elements. It is impossible not to be amazed by its spectacular façade, carved in limestone from Tamajón.

Inside, you can enjoy the courtyard of the lions, meticulously decorated. In addition, this palace also houses the Guadalajara Museum, with mural paintings from the 16th century.


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Our next stop is a town where water and nature have a special role, due to the presence of the Tagus River, which decorates the corners of Trillo with waterfalls and lush vegetation. Strolling along its medieval bridge is one of those little pleasures that should not be missed, since, in addition to offering spectacular views accompanied by the soundtrack of the river, it is a rather unusual architectural element. The reason is that it is built with a single arch, so that the bridge is supported by the pressure of its stones.


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Brihuega, also known as the Garden of La Alcarria, is postulated as one of the most beautiful towns in the region. In spring it is quite a spectacle, since its fields are completely dyed purple and the unmistakable smell of lavender floats in the environment.

This walled town stands out for the enormous architectural value of its buildings. Among them, it is essential to visit the Plaza del Coso, the Castillo de la Peña Bermeja, the old prison, the Royal Cloth Factory with its fountains and laundries or the church of Santa María de la Peña. It also has a set of caves of Arab origin.


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Like Brihuela, it has the honor of being declared a National Historic Site due to its walls, fountains, facades and the charming cobbled streets that immediately transport us to the Middle Ages. Beyond letting ourselves be carried away aimlessly touring its corners, we must not miss the viewpoint overlooking the Arles River and visit the great Ducal Palace, in the Plaza de la Hora. It was in that palace, of Spanish Renaissance layout, that King Felipe II ordered the Princess of Éboli to be locked up. It will be a very interesting experience to enter the room where this iconic woman was confined for a decade awaiting death.


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Fans of castles will be able to contemplate in this town, located in a beautiful open valley between two plains of Alcarria, one of the most beautiful and impressive in our geography. The Castle of Torija, located in the vicinity of the town hall and the Plaza de la Villa, is a work originally carried out in the 11th century by the Knights Templar. Currently, it houses the Tourist Interpretation Center of the Province and a museum dedicated exclusively to books Travel to La Alcarria.

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La Alcarria, travel in 5 stops